Best Face Self-Tanner - Learn More to Achieve a Natural Sunless Glow

By: John Pet

Winter is coming to an end, and you have finally decided to play it safe by staying indoors! No more baking your skin under the scorching heat of the sun to get a bronzed look. Finally, you have switched to the best face self-tanner to look like a golden goddess. Looking as beguiling as a bronzed goddess is not as simple as it sounds. You need to adhere to certain rules to get that stunning look. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

When selecting the right shade of the best self-tanner lotion, ensure to match the color that closely resembles your skin tone. It will help you get a natural sunless glow without looking artificial or fake. Darker shades are best suited for women with darker skin tones. Pick out products from cosmetic shelves carefully. Ensure that the unguent has an advanced and streak-free formula to give you youthful glow and radiance.

The most significant step prior to bronzing is the thorough exfoliation of your face. Only then, you are sure to get a realistic tan and not an uneven one. Your skin must appear smooth and even-toned after using the product; therefore it is necessary to exfoliate to get rid of the dead skin cells.

Once you are through with the exfoliation, it’s time to look for a moisturizing cream or unguent that is light on your skin. The formula should not make your face feel heavy or too greasy subsequent to use. The formulation should dry quickly and keep your epidermis hydrated so that you are not left with a dry, uncomfortable feeling.

Once you are hydrated, apply the tanner evenly on your cheeks, forehead, nose and cheekbones in gentle circular movement. Quality creams will dry and absorb quickly so that you are not required to rub the lotion repeatedly. Do not be distressed if you have a sticky feeling after application because this is quite natural. You will find the product drying up within a few minutes, so that you will have time to get dressed.

No matter what products you select, ensure not to indulge in running, swimming or exercising for 3-4 hours after the application of the product. Even the best tanners stay permanently provided it is left longer on your skin. Sweating it out might cause uneven colour. Therefore, the ideal time to apply is before you retire to bed at night.

What should you do if you have applied too much of the product? Well, you should not panic. Rinse off the excess lotion as soon as possible with water and soap. Get some clean cotton swabs and gently remove the over-tanned parts to weaken the tone.

Always use best self-tanner no smell products so that you are not embarrassed in public due to an unpleasant odor. Some products work gradually; therefore, apply the cream or lotion for 2-3 nights consecutively to get the desired look. Once the tan starts to fade, exfoliate again, and reapply the tanner to regain the golden glowing look.

With a little planning and forethought, start relishing the fruits of a golden tanned appeal!

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John Pet is familiar with many skin care specialists and has seen them advising people best face self tanner based on the skin type they have. He loves talking about things he learned from them and so in this article he is sharing some valuable advices that will help you find best self tanner no smell.

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