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By: Jim Green

David Wood has generated over 31,000 leads in My Lead System Pro, one of the top attraction marketing platforms in today’s network marketing niche. His blog’s Alexa score is 16,000, which is a higher rank than almost anything in the network marketing niche. Prior to starting in MLSP, he was homeless, living in a van on Oahu.

What did he do to generate so many leads? Following MLSP's recommendations, he focused on a a single traffic generation strategy, being very consistent with it, and listentening carefully to all the advice/training that brought the most success to MLSP's leadership. His core advice to those wanting the best success is picking a single tactic and then “cling to it like a dog clings to a bone.” All of David’s methodology is also recorded in the MLSP back office, for anyone who finds it to be useful and appropriate for their own style. David believes that the reason so few have succeeded with this method is merely the fact that they quit too soon.

David’s preferred strategy is blogging, and surprisingly, he has only posted 208 times on his blog. A Blog fits perfectly as a front-end for the MLSP attraction marketing capture and sales pages. Also, a blog enables people to get to know you, which is essential to the buying process.

One common error that David sees on many blogs is too much advertising, whether it be affiliate links, banners, or Google Adsense. Rather than focus on "quick hit" sales, it is always better to capture a lead on your blog, according to David. Here are some of the mistakes that are commonly made by those doing blogging and article marketing:

1. Almost all people doing well today are blogging. Many resources are available online both from leading internet trainers as well as in MLSP's archives. Despite the excellent available resources, few are taking proper advantage.
2. People who are struggling have too many banner ads and other direct sales attempts, e.g., affiliate links. David suggests having no direct purchase links at all; rather all links should lead to capture pages.
3. Many people in the network marketing niche are making long sales letters, which don’t work any more. People get bored and won't read extensive copy, forcing marketers to provide information in person on the phone. David stumbled into a more successful method, which involves very long videos, e.g., approximately an hour in length, which hold people's attention long enough to deliver a powerful message.
4. Most people include the fact/offer that they will support their team in their sales videos and copy. David feels that marketers should concentrate on the primary money making tasks vs. technical support and states this clearly upfront in his videos.

What a lot of people do when building a business is either model people with no results or try strategies out of their comfort zones. It would be better to emulate those already achieving the level of success you want to attain.. David Wood is obviously one who is worth emulating and following for the highest probability of, if not assured, success.

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For details of David Wood's exact attraction marketing methodology and more on his network marketing secrets see our blog and related articles.

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