Best Android Apps For Musicians

By: Mel Joelle

When looking for the perfect music apps for your droid, there are thousands to choose from. The droid marketplace offers apps to increase efficiency and the productivity of your playing in different areas which musicians are looking to improve on. Here are a few apps which can be used to help song writers during a writer’s block, help a band rehearse for an upcoming gig, or just for reference on a musical application. All of these apps are free, and they offer great resources for musicians, and music fans alike.

The first free app is called gStrings. This app is a chromatic tuner, allowing the user to tune any musical instrument they play. The app is just as accurate in tuning your instrument as any pricey piece of equipment which would be purchased at a music store, and allows you to get the perfect tune for free. This app offers a reliable tuner no matter where the user is. So, whether just playing around at home, or, if you are back stage getting ready for a gig, this app will allow you to tune your guitar, or any other instrument, easily from your phone. It also offers a user friendly interface. Users can optimize frequencies and adjust the microphone sensitivity, for any instrument.

Another great app to try out is Guitar: Solo Lite. This app offers a huge chord library, and shows a diagram of each chord being strummed. This virtual app offers a variety of premade layouts, or users can create their own chord layouts as well. Users can try new chord progressions right on their phone, before trying it on their guitar. You can also think up new concepts without the strain on your fingers from practicing on your guitar. So, for the perfect virtual coach and preparatory aide, this is a great app to download.

The Rehersal Assistant app is another great download for musicians, which can be downloaded for free. It offers a user friendly interface, and has easy set up to record several media types. It also features the option to record uncompressed WAV recordings. Users also have the ability to email their recordings to themselves, or if they are in a band, to those members. This is a great feature which allows you to save the tune, and have a backup right on your email account for later use. If you just come up with a quick tune, and want to record it on the go, this app allows users to quickly and easily do this. It is also great for later rehearsals of a song you recorded, but have not yet practiced if you plan on performing it live. Users can save each recorded song with a time stamp, and give it an appropriate title. Additionally, if you want to create your own “album,” you can group tracks into individual projects for more functional organization.

These are a few free apps found online, there are many others out there for musicians to download onto their droid phones.

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