Best Android Apps For Moms

By: Mel Joelle

If you are a mom and have a new Android powered phone, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of apps that are available to download in the Android market. But there are several great apps that you can download for our phone that really appeal to mothers. These apps can make a mom's life a little easier so they make great additions for your Android powered phone.

If you want to start trying for another baby or you want some extra protection to make sure you don't get pregnant, the My Days app is a great one to download. This free app helps track your cycles, mark when you have sex as well as any birth control pills you may be on. It will also let you know when you are ovulating, which is useful for both if you are avoiding or trying to get pregnant.

When your child is a toddler, they often want to do the same thing as mommy. This can include using your smart phone. While you may be reluctant to put your phone in the hands of a toddler, there is an app that can be fun for a toddler to play with along with protecting your phone. The app is a free one called Toddler Lock. When you open it up, it gives your toddler a blank screen that can be 'drawn' on with their fingers. Brightly colored lines and shapes along with a soft tinkling sound can captivate your toddler. It also locks your phone so your child can't accidentally exit out of the app. This makes it a great app for any mom with a toddler.

If your kids are a bit older and have lots of activities that they do, you may have a hard time keep up with the schedules. This is where the app, Cozi, can help. This app, which comes in a free version with ads or an ad free version that costs money, has several features. There is a calendar where you can put all your family's appointments, along with color coding each with the family member whose appointment it is. There is also a to do list and a shopping list. And a journal feature of any other notes you need to make. This is a great app for the bus mom on the go.

Pocket God is a great little app that is amusing for kids of all ages. In this paid app, the player has god-like powers to control the lives of the little Pygmies. You can make rainbows, punt your Pygmies, cause the weather to change among other things. Watching a mom play the game or playing the game themselves can entertain a kid for a long while. This makes it a great app to buy for your phone.

These are just some of the best Android apps that can be very useful to a mom. There are many great apps that can amuse kids, organize your activities and prevent or help with pregnancy.

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