Best Acne Treatments for Adults

By: Martha Fitzharris

If you are looking for an effective acne treatment then you might also be concerned about a wide spectrum of other skin care needs. This makes it tricky to find an acne product that will treat your condition and not leave you with a new list of other skin care problems.

This diversity of skin care needs is a clear reflection of the various skin types and the multiple stages of acne development. A remedy that offers the best treatment for one person may not be the best treatment for another.

In general terms, any treatment that boasts it is the best acne treatment must be able to:

*Effectively eliminate current acne blemishes

*Prevents further acne blemishes from appearing

*Use natural ingredients that are safe in treating sensitive skin

*Able to address both pore health and bacteria

There is however a natural acne product containing Helix Aspersa Muller Glycoconjugates that unites all the above mentioned factors. This amazing acne treatment cream works for pimples and cystic acne by addressing the root cause of acne with a natural organic skin care serum that supports the immune system at the site of skin lesions.

Acne- how severe is it?

Mild Acne: Anyone suffering from mild acne will also have a number of blackheads and whiteheads; however, there will be no evidence of skin inflammation. This condition can be treated with over-the-counter products and is especially responsive to natural treatments.

Moderate Acne: This type of acne demands a product that can handle a larger number of whiteheads and blackheads.

Severe Acne: People that suffer from severe acne or acne scarring have limited skin care options. In the majority of these cases severe acne or acne scarring is treated by specialists or surgery.

Nonetheless, the acne treatment you decide to confide in will only suffice if it is capable of treating the root cause of acne. Simply put, the best acne treatment should:

*Support the protective strategies of the innate immune system of the skin.

*Provide your body with cellular messengers that can communicate to your body that it is being taken care of. This will allow it to keep the inflammatory reaction under control and prevent it from destroying healthy skin cells.

*Alert your immune system to increase its release of the skin's natural antimicrobial peptides. This will make the skin an unwelcome place for bacteria.

* Clear clogged pores with enzymes that gently and quickly dissolve or "digest" the plugs preventing lesions done to the lining of the sebum canal - the main cause of acne -. *Safe for use on anyone including pregnant women. Hormonal imbalances are known to cause strong and sudden outflows of sebum to the surface of the skin.

People in need of an effective acne treatment should never forget that there are several factors they need to take into consideration if the truly want the best acne treatments. Any skin care treatment you choose will require a minimum of at least 30 days before showing signs of improvement. So be patient! If you cannot make the effort and give up before the 30 days are over you may never find the best product.

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