Best 5 tips for safer downloading online

By: Brooke M. Perry

Internet or the World Wide Web is the most incredible innovation of the mankind in modern age. It has reduced physical boundaries and brought information at your fingertips. From media to entertainment and education to profession - everything has got revolutionized after the onset of Internet. But there is a dark side of this service as well which inflicts PC users in form of online threats such as viruses, malware, Trojans, spyware, worms and others.

Majority of us would have experienced the pinch of viruses when they attacked our PCs to make it inoperable and cause to make us suffer with huge data loss. Mostly, virus attacks are executed through downloading of illegitimate and infected files or documents. Once you download something that carries malicious files or programs on your PC, the security of your PC gets compromised and you become vulnerable to security threats.

In this article you will find tips and information for safer downloading online. The tips help you guide about how to ensure safer downloading from the web.

Below discussed are the best 5 tips for safer downloading online:

Keep a firewall always active

Web can become risky for your privacy, provided you donít use it in an appropriate manner and without due security tools. Your online activities are always monitored by prying eyes and even one malicious download has the potential to relay your personal information to hackers. In such a situation, the best protection is provided by firewall as it acts as the first line of defense for your PC. An active and effective firewall keeps close eye on the network's inbound and outbound traffic and acts as a funnel to set aside malicious information that contains payloads to infect your PC. Firewall is the basic tool to keep downloads safe therefore it is important to make sure that the firewall on your PC is up and active.

Check File Extensions

Make it a practice to check the file extension before downloading any them. As you probably know that files with the '.exe' extension are executable files that can run a program function whenever they are opened. Therefore, you are recommended to download .exe files only from reliable sources. Mere checking of extension is not enough as some malicious programs appear with a different file types to take the users in believing that these files are safe for downloading. For example you might see 'Document.doc.exe' which however looks like a Word processing documents but in reality it is a .exe file that may be a malicious Trojan or virus.

Download Directly from Software sites

The most secure way of downloading something from the web is to do it directly from the software provider. For example, if you want to download any software, browser, Adobe, Java and other software then the best and safest way to download them from their parent website instead of a referral site or link. Downloading from the software site may cost you a few dollars but it is free from viruses or malware.

Use an Antivirus Program

Use of antivirus program is the fundamental rule of PC security. The prying eyes of virus authors keep on gluing on your PC to exploit vulnerability for entering into your PC. Therefore, it is always safe to protect your PC with an effective security program so that you are prevented on time from downloading malicious files or documents. Make it a habit to update the antivirus software periodically so that virus and malware attacks can be prevented through regular PC scans.

Avoid automatic downloads

You should follow a universal rule of avoiding automatic downloads. Instead, you should manually allow downloads after evaluating their source. You should make it a rule to personally allow the downloading of files and software including software and security updates on your PC. You have to be careful from websites that attempt to download and install programs on the hard disk of your PC because mostly these software are malicious that aim to infect your computer.

Above discussed are the 5 important and useful tips that help you prevent downloading of malicious files and documents. Once you apply these tips in practice you become able to enjoy safer online downloading. However, these five are the best tips for safer downloading but still you can flip pages on the Internet to find out more guidelines and information.

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