Benefits of raising chicken in your backyard

By: Malcolm Nguyen

Are you toying with the idea of owning chickens? There are many considerations to take into account. This quirky birds provides humans with not only food, but also companionship, entertainment, and a hobby. This article covers all the benefits of owning and raising your own chickens.

Reasons to raise chickens:

As pets

Although chicken may not seem like the first choice when selecting a domestic pet, you will be surprised how interactive they can be. If you raise your chicken from the time they are chicks, they will learn to respond to you and even let you to hand-feed them. Some breeds are more inclined to allow this because they are docile and friendly. The best way to develop a relationship with the birds is to try talking to them each day. When you bring them a treat, use the same call each time to train your flock to come when they hear your voice. As a treat, give them food like white millet, a nutritious grain or other foodstuff.

For their eggs

Chicken are not only great pets, but they also provide food. On average layers may lay up to 260 eggs in a year. You do not need to keep thousands of chicken for you to get the eggs. Depending on your capability to rear them, you should keep s reasonable number that will enable you to provide all their necessities. For instance, if you have six chickens, be assured that you will collect up 1560 eggs per year, which can mean lots of omelets for you and your family. The eggs are of better quality that store-bought eggs because they go through less processing. Commercially processed eggs come from chicken that are fed with manipulated diets. Many commercial facilities will also induce molting in their flocks to increase egg production. The eggs produced may not be nutritious.

For meat

Some people raise chicken primarily for their meant and consider eggs an added bonus. Chicken meat is healthier and nutritious that other types of meat. The high quality meat command high prices in hotels and restaurants.

For selling
Breeding chickens for sale or for a show will is a great business you may wish to start. A part from allowing you to earn extra cash, breeding will allow you to create a breed that has the qualities that you desire. You may cross breed pure-bred chicken to result in hybrid chicken until the chicken attain the characteristics that you desire. If your flock is growing and you do not want to keep the chicks that result from your attempts at creating the perfect hybrid, you can sell them locally or even put up ads online at websites that deal with chicken. I have tried this myself and believe you me, I earn a lot from the task. Why don't you share this great opportunity with me? Sure! Give it a try and rest assured that you will smile all the way to the bank.

As a hobby

You may just decide to breed rear chicken as a hobby. To be an interesting one, you may have to crossbreed different breeds to produce unique ones. This is normally done by individuals who love research. I know of a person who has been figured in the public domain for producing a unique breed through cross breeding.

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