Benefits of a Career in Nursing

By: Sandy Darson1

If you are searching for a new and exciting career, or a second career, then you should definitely take a look at a career in nursing. A career in nursing has more benefits today than it offered 20 years ago. Nurses today are constantly changing the healthcare industry, by consistently challenging the methodology, ideology, and overall practice of medicine. A career in nursing provides a rewarding experience and you can you can end each day knowing you helped make a difference in somebody’s life. Nurses are also needed in many industries aside from the traditional jobs in a hospital or doctor’s office.

In today’s job market, the best thing about a career in nursing is the fact that nurses are in such high demand. Nursing positions can be found in almost every state. There are many different positions available in various types of organizations, from insurance firms to universities. Nurses are also needed throughout the world rather a few types of organizations. Nurses are in such great demand that you can decide to take a break from your career and easily find a job whenever you are ready to return. As baby boomers enter retirement age, and people live longer in general, the need for nurses should only grow stronger for years to come.

However, being a nurse is much more than just being in demand. Nursing has a wide array of specialties. Therefore, you have the freedom of working in multitude of capacities throughout your career. New and emerging specialties such as holistic nursing, forensic nursing, and occupational nursing are constantly expanding upon what it means to be a nurse today. Nurses are also breaking into managerial, leadership, and financial roles like never before. You can decide to start in traditional nursing; later, try your hand at forensic nursing; then, move into a leadership or managerial position. Then there is the ability to start your own business as a consultant or an in-home healthcare professional; two industries that are growing at unprecedented rates right now. Besides, few other occupations allow a person the level of opportunities that a career in nursing can offer. The opportunity for advancement in nursing can rarely be duplicated in any other profession.

Nurses also benefit from having flexible schedules. Nurses can choose to work a variety of different shifts including 4, 8, 10, or 12 hour days. With the ability to work weekdays, weekends only, or a combination, nursing is quickly becoming the preferred occupation of parents, especially single parents who need flexible schedules. Not to mention, the freedom to work part time, full time, or the ability to change your schedule entirely as needed.

Starting salaries for new nurses is nothing to laugh at either. Though the salaries depend largely on the city and state that you are in, the median starting salary for registered nurses is close to $50,000 a year and there are always opportunities to work over-time.

Nurses are also encouraged to continue learning their craft through training and continuing their education. The nursing profession is constantly changing and evolving; so staying on top of new trends, techniques, and laws can only be beneficial to you. Luckily, there are enormous training opportunities available for nurses. A nurse’s employer often pays for these training opportunities.

Nurses also benefit from having a strong support system. Almost every nursing specialty has its own trade association. These resources serve nurses tirelessly, by providing and informing them of training opportunities for their specialty and general nursing, alerting them to job opportunities within their field; and, giving them a outlet to exchange challenges and ideas with their peers. These support systems also strive to prevent nurses from burning out by stressing the importance of a nurse’s need take care of him or herself. A nurse should also stay on top of the new laws that become a part of the healthcare industry along with the latest innovations in nursing tools and hospital equipment. Nurses can easily find the support they need because nurses are known for helping each other.

Then there is the level of job satisfaction. Most nurses cherish the fact that they spend their days helping people who need and appreciate their skills. Patients usually spend more time with their nurses than they do with their physicians. In many cases, nurses are able to not only translate medical jargon for patients, but also help patients feel better about their condition and/or treatment options. Nurses, provide comfort to patients and their families in difficult times.

Though nursing is not an easy profession, and you are likely to experience a faced paced, hectic, work environment. Being a nurse means making sick children feel better, bringing a smile to elderly patients, and helping families in crisis. You remember these experiences for the rest of your life. Becoming a nurse is a very rewarding career choice and you are able to help many people in many different ways.

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Sandy Darson is a freelance writer who writes about the nursing profession. Ms. Darson often writes about specific items used in nursing such as nursing scrubs.

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