Benefits of Thiamin

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Thiamin is an important nutrient belongs to the family of vitamin B-complex. It plays a major role in maintaining healthy body, nervous system and also improves cardiovascular health. Thiamin is among the eight-soluble vitamin in the family of vitamin B-complex. it helps in the breakdown of fats, protein and helps in the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose that, which in turn produces energy for conducting various body functions. There are numerous health benefits associated with thiamin.

It also manages the muscle tone, maintain the wall of digestive tracts and also take care of the health of nervous system, skin, hair, eyes, mouth and liver.It provides relief from stress, thus it is also popular as “anti-stress” vitamin.Vitamin B intermingles with enzymes in order to produce energy from aerobic processing of sugar. This process is not possible without vitamin B1 or thiamin. Deficiency of vitamin B1 causes weakness and lethargy. Thus, it is vital to consume fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin B1 or thiamin.

Yeast and liver are the rich source of vitamin B1. Also, Pork, whole-grain cereals rye, wheat germs and kidney beans contains high amount of vitamin B1. Other vegetables that are rich source of vitamin B1 are asparagus, mushrooms, romaine lettuce, spinach, tuna, green peas, and sunflower seeds, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts and eggplant. Remember, overcooking and refrigerating for long time may destroy vitamin B1.

Deficiency of thiamin may lead to lethargy, irritability, loss of memory, loss of sleep, appetite loss, weight loss, indigestion, constipation and even half muscle tenderness. These symptoms may further lead to severe form of deficiency like beriberi categorized by nerve, heart and brain abnormalities. Symptoms may vary according to the types of disease. Dry Beriberi is related to the nerve and muscles abnormalities, prickling sensation in the toes and also burning sensation in the feet, legs cramps and muscles atrophy specifically at night.Another disease is Wet Beriberi.

Common symptoms of Wet Beriberi include abnormally increased heart beats, fluid retention in the legs, pulmonary edema, hypotension, which might result in shock and eventual death. Deficiency of thiamin in alcohol addicted person may lead to brain abnormalities. Symptoms of Brain Abnormalities include haziness, involuntary eye movements, difficulty in walking, and partial paralysis of the eyes among others. If left untreated, these symptoms can become fatal. Some other common symptoms include loss of memory, incoherence and confabulation.

Women can pass on the disease Beriberi; a disease caused due to the deficiency of vitamin B1 or thiamin, while feeding them. Heart failure, aphonia are some other common symptoms of this disease. Thus, consumption of vitamin B1 or thiamin is very important to avoid such diseases.Other benefits of thiamin- as discussed above, it produce energy, help in production of myelin sheaths, assure cardiovascular health, prevent cataracts, reduces effects of aging, improve digestion or provides relief from constipation, prevent from Alzheimer’s disease, improves memory, aids in production of red blood cells, reinstate.

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