Benefits of Tea Drinking

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There are many reasons why people love to drink a hot cup of tea. The rich aroma of the various tea flavors fill the nose while relishing the taste in the mouth and give a soothing effect. Well, more than relaxing or giving aromatic taste research shows that drinking tea can prevent a wide range of ailments.
Research on this ancient beverage had been going on for ages and each time new benefits are discovered. Most recent study indicates that it may prevent many health ailments like reducing the risk of stroke or heart attack to controlling Parkinson disease.
People in China have been drinking tea, mainly for its medicinal benefits. Since ancient time, they have been using herbal tea especially for depression and headaches. So what benefits do tea gives to your body?
Tea rehydrates the body just as water does. Tea contains antioxidants, which slow down aging, regenerate cells and repair them. All varieties of tea from organic green tea to organic white tea to herbal tea contain a high level of antioxidant. This helps to keep the body healthier. Tea contains less caffeine content. Caffeine when consume moderate can benefit you but more caffeine amount can result otherwise hard on your body.
Herbal tea is taken mostly for its medicinal benefits. The herbal tea is infusions made herbs. It is a great caffeine free alternative and they are well known for their medicinal and healing properties. Tisane tea gives a soothing and gentle relaxant to the body. It can fight bacterial growth in stomach and boost the immune system.
Organic green, black, white and oolong teas are derived from Camellia sinensis plant. The tealeaves from this evergreen tree contain polyphenols.
Organic white tea can relieve stress and has greater cancer-fighting ability than any other tea varieties. It also boosts the immunes system, fight infection-causing bacteria and viruses. Green tea has catechins that halt oxidative damage to cells and they have other disease fighting properties. Organic green tea reduces the risk of cancer, stroke, relieve fatigue, lower and prevent high blood pressure. Organic oolong tea is recognized as the most fragrant herbal tea. It has the ability to improve metabolism to aid weight loss and give a healthier skin condition. About 46%-65% hypertension risk are reduced in people who take organic oolong tea or green tea as in comparison to those non-consumers. Pu-erh tea is taken mostly after meal. It is known to reduce cholesterol, prevent heart disease and cancer, control diabetic and much more.

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