Benefits of Silicone Rubber Keypads

By: Polytechpteltd

Silicone rubber keypads are also known as Elastomeric Keypads.They have been used in many consumer and industrial electronic products because of its low cost and reliable switching. The compression molding properties of silicone rubber is used to create angled webbing around a switch center. When the switch is depressed, the webbing deforms uniformly to produce a tactile response.

After the pressure is removed from the switch, the webbing returns to its original position with positive feedback. A carbon or gold pill is placed on the base of the switch center which contacts onto a PCB when the web has been deformed in order to make an electronic switch.

The tactile response and travel of a key can be varied by changing the design of the webbing and/or the shore hardness of the silicone base material. The tactile forces are dependent on the key size and shape and can be as high as 500g.

The tactile feel that is experienced is determined by the snap ratio of a keypad. This snap ratio for designers to maintain is recommended to be between 40% and 60%. If the ratio dropped below 40% the keys will lose tactile feel but have an increased life. When the tactile feel is lost, there will not be a ‘click’ feedback received during actuation.

Polytech produces silicone keypad that can be customized to different hardness and color according to different requirements. Its economical keypad can match the desired color and is able to achieve varying forces and mechanical movements. It can provide unique balance of chemical and mechanical properties and also sealing and protective capabilities. There is also abrasion protection by PU coating.

Polytech is a leading no.1 manufacturing company in Singapore for Industrial rubber products which are Automative keypad, Consumable keypad, setup box, security device, automative rubber components, domes and touch panel with affordable cost and effective quality.

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