Benefits of Resell And/Or Reprint Rights

By: Gerald W Shaw

Internet marketing ebooks and other material can help entrepreneurs such as writers and software developers earn more money from the work they do. Combining internet marketing with the power of resell rights and reprint rights further increases that money-making potential. That’s good news because writing, either traditional or in code, is a tough business. Seeking out a living as a writer can be difficult, and realizing a significant profit can be nearly impossible unless you’re a member of a select group of established authors or known software producers.

So what strategies can a writer or software creator employ to maximize his or her time, effort, and earning potential without doing a lot of extra work? The secret is to multiply your customer base by as much as possible by taking advantage of the benefits of resell rights and reprint rights.

Resell rights or reprint rights allow a single piece of intellectual property work to be sold to many customers.

Whether or not it is officially registered, the copyright to writing and software code belongs to the author. When a writer is commissioned to create a work for a client, especially early on in their career, the client will often request that the copyright transfer to him or her upon completion and payment. At that point, the client then owns the material and is free to market and resell it as his or her own without crediting the original author. The problem with this scenario is that unless the initial payoff is large (and it usually is not), is that it is the buyer and not the writer who now holds the power to earn maximum profit for the work. Controlling resell rights or reprint rights is an effective way to maintain a writer’s earning potential.

Reprint rights are essentially permission to reprint material that has already been published somewhere else. When selling a piece of written work, an author can choose to maintain reprint rights. That way, if another customer comes along needing a specific piece of writing, he or she may buy it from the author (with the understanding, of course, that the material has already been sold once to another buyer and may already appear in print). Reprint material generally commands less value than never before published or sold material, but on the other hand, it also doesn’t require as much effort as the original piece. Similarly, if for example, a buyer wants to purchase ebook reprint rights along with the first printing rights, an author can ask for a higher purchase price. This applies whether it is intended to be for profit or simply a free ebook. Reprint rights usually limit how many times a piece of work can be reprinted and under what circumstance.

Resell rights allow a third party to resell existing material. The material may be intellectual, such as poetry or a resell ebook, or tangible in nature, such as t-shirts or trinkets. By selling resell rights, the author is allowing the buyer to market the material and to resell it to other purchasers. Following the same example as above, if a writer had created an ebook, resell ebook rights would allow the buyer to purchase the right to sell that ebook again and again, either credited to the author or not, depending on the contract. Again, transferring resell rights should increase the price the author receives for the work. While resell rights are fairly straight forward for prose, the scenario is slightly more complicated for software resale rights as courts in the United States and other countries debate whether software is actually sold or licensed.

By discovering the potential of resale rights and reprint rights, even new writers can learn to earn more.

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