Benefits of Reading Stock Charts

By: Ryan Harris

Investing and trading in the stock market was once a privilege reserved for a chosen few. To the average individual, the market seemed to be a complicated thing that many did not even bother to understand. However, as time went by and people got more and more knowledgeable, stock market investing became popular even among the masses. It is now uncommon to find an average individual who does not own a stock in one form or another. Whether one directly owns the stock or owns it through another instrument such as a fund, the market plays a vital part in our financial portfolio.

A testament of the market’s reach lies in the rise of the number of day traders that we now have. Although trading was once an activity exclusive to financial professionals, day trading is now practiced by many amateur traders. Whatever your background –amateur or professional – and whatever your goals –speculative trading or value investing, one’s success in the stock market lies in picking the right ones to buy at the right price and at the right time. The strategy one employs when it comes to market investing can greatly affect one’s decision when it comes to which stocks to purchase. One of strategies advocated by financial experts is the use of charts. Reading charts can work well for both amateur and professional traders.

Using charts works well in that you can graphically see the performance of the stock’s price. The basics are relatively simple, making it okay even for beginners. For example, if the value of the stock has been steadily rising, you can consider this as one to buy, and if it has been constantly decreasing, staying away from the stock, or selling it if you have it in your portfolio, might prove to be a wise decision. Several tools available online, add to the benefit of using stock charts by making charting and analysis convenient for everyone.

Sites such as Barchart provide their subscribers with customized charts and access to historical data. They also offer round-the-clock market updates, economic data, and even rank stocks based on standard deviation. They have numerous tools that can surely help you pick which stocks to buy. What’s more, they have educational features that allow you to learn more not just about the stock market, but about other investment options as well, such as exchange-traded funds, futures, and foreign exchange. Visit to learn more.

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