Benefits of Mushrooms and Onions

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Vegetables are the secret of all energy as they naturally carry all the nutrients needed for the promotion of the health. Green vegetables beneficially contain fiber, vitamins, calorie and many more things which are helpful for the health. Following this article we will read the benefits of mushrooms and onion one by one.

Mushrooms –
There are many types of mushrooms that provide lots of health benefits. Though it has odd locking but in the terms of its benefits we can say that all praise would fall short of its positive effects. Effectively it is neither the plant nor the animal but it is fungus. It has been used as the diets and as the medication purposes since thousands of years. There are various health benefits of mushrooms you can categorize them as the following –

Diabetes –
It is the natural gift for the diabetic patients having no fats, no cholesterol, high protein, very low carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, huge amount of water and fiber. Mushrooms simultaneously lower down the sugar level as it is rich in natural insulin and enzymes. It also plays a significant role for the protection of liver by containing certain compounds which helps function liver properly.

Cholesterol –
Mushrooms importantly is less in carbohydrate and zero in cholesterol and fats so it carries lean protein which help burn the cholesterol. It also possesses fiber and enzymes with the result there is consequently reduction of cholesterol level in the body.

Cancer –
Mushrooms are packed with Beta-Glucans and conjugated Linoleic Acid having anti carcinogenic effects that have good effects for the prevention of breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Weight Loss –
Mushrooms are also good for your weight as it does prevent you from gaining more weight. It significantly and very effectively helps lose fats and builds muscles mass.

Immunity -
It is also helpful for the protection of external harmful bacteria. Mushroom being the store house of Ergothioneine, a powerful anti oxidant gives protection from free radicals and strengthens the immunity systems. It also help eliminate ulcers that the person specifically suffer from.

Onion -
Many studies have proved that onions have some properties that help boosting up your health. It really contains many active compounds which are beneficial for treating the certain diseases. It considerably carries the important health nutrients like vitamin C, B6, chromium, calcium and dietary fiber. It also however contains the good amounts of folic acid and vitamin B1. Look at its certain

health benefits –
• Onions are certainly goods source of vitamins particularly vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E which effectively boon for the bodily process. Onions also boost up the immune systems.
• As we have discussed earlier about the containment of folic acid in onions and that this possession of folic acid consequently necessary for the regulation of the certain systems in your body.
• It has the iron properties that help keep your blood in proper consistency and thickness. Onion can prevent the symptoms of anemia or a general thinning of blood.
• Onions also help in preventing teeth decay and the diseases related to some other oral disorders.
• Acne condition can easily be deprived of by onion juice mixed with honey or olive it brings glow on your face.

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