Benefits of Hiring a Nanny for Your Children

By: Joseph B Moore

Children are one of the most precious things you will ever have in your life. You love them, are protective of them, and would do anything for them. This is precisely why it is difficult when we have to be away from our children. It is hard to trust anyone to care for our children the way that we do, which is why it is difficult for many parents to fathom sending their child to a daycare where they will be with many different children and adults, and they may not get the attention, love and nurturing they need.

If you have decided that a daycare is not right for your children, you may want to seriously think about hiring a nanny. There are many benefits associated with a nanny that just cannot be overlooked. No one will ever replace you, but a nanny can be a close second.

Having a nanny watch over your children is beneficial to you and your children because they will get the love and attention that they need in your absence. Even the most well intended day cares simply cannot provide the one on one attention that children need. There are too many kids and not enough adults for this level of interaction, care and concern to be possible. A nanny will be there just for your children, allowing for a much better interaction and level of care.

Children who are watched over by a nanny will be able to stay in the environment that they are comfortable in. Being able to stay in their own home will allow the children to be comfortable and confident in your absence, because at least their surroundings are familiar. This confidence and ability to be nurtured in their own environment will benefit the children and will often bleed over into other areas of their life as they are sure of themselves.

Daycares are known for spreading germs. Even a daycare that is well cleaned and maintained is going to be a haven for viruses and bacteria, just because there are so many children coming and going who may have picked up a variety of illnesses. Children who are looked after in their own home, by a nanny, tend to be much healthier than those who go to a daycare. This translates into fewer trips to the doctor, and a savings to the family because there generally aren't the medical expenses associated with those children who pick up illnesses in daycare.

Over time, a nanny may be more affordable than daycare. Daycare costs are on the rise, this is especially true for those who are having infants and toddlers who aren't potty trained, cared for in the daycare. Additionally, there isn't a value on having your child feel comforted, nurtured and happy and this is what a nanny provides. When you consider the cost over time and the reduced medical bills and the overall happiness of a child, a nanny is a great investment for most families.

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