Benefits of Good Posture

By: Sarah Carlye

Most of us can still hear our mom’s voice saying, “Stand up straight!” Back then; it was something that all parents said without explaining or maybe even knowing why it was important. Good posture has many benefits and these benefits become more important as the body ages. Wearing the Stepgym shoe can make it easier to have good posture and enjoy the benefits of good posture.

The back has three natural curves. Good posture is when these three curves are aligned. These are the three curves:

• Cervical-the natural, slightly inward curve at the neck
• Thoracic-the natural, slightly outward curve in the middle of the back
• Lumbar-the natural, slightly inward curve at the base of the back

To have good posture the body must be trained to stand, lie, walk, and sit in a position that puts the least amount of stress on the supporting ligaments and muscles. Good posture not only improves appearance, good posture has the following benefits:

• May prevent arthritis by preventing abnormal wear on the joints
• Reduces back strain and back pain
• Decreases stress on the ligaments that hold the joints of the spine together
• Keeps the spine from becoming fixed in abnormal positions
• Lessens muscular pain
• Increased efficiency of the use of muscles uses less energy and prevents fatigue
• Limits problems from strain and overuse

Poor posture is often developed over time due to simply not paying attention. Simply walking with your back straight and taking full steps, you will feel a new set of muscles being used. This is because most people have been lazy with their posture and no longer have the strong muscles needed to keep the body held upright efficiently.

People with poor posture often have the following problems:

• Unnatural curve of the spine
• Backache
• Leg pains
• Stiff neck
• Protruding belly
• Joint discomfort

Anyone can learn to walk with good posture. With the Stepgym shoe, walking with good posture occurs naturally. The scientifically designed shoe helps the body to stay aligned. To get the benefits of good posture and avoid the problems of poor posture, walking with good posture should be done consistently to strengthen the muscles that hold the body in alignment.

An investment in good posture is an investment in a healthy and trim looking body. To find out more about the Stepgym shoe and order the weight loss shoes go to

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