Benefits of Getting Good Rest for Weight Loss

By: James Pendergraft

Sleep is very vital if you want to lose weight. Sleep affects all the processes of your body. You’ll feel less energized if you lack sleep. Your body is not ready for your daily activities if you fail to sleep well the previous night. It is important that you get good rest, especially if you intend to shed pounds off your body.

How Good Rest Influences Weight Loss

The hormones that regulate hunger are directly affected when you fail to sleep well. A good rest increases your weight loss chances. You have to make sure that you follow regular sleeping patterns in order to make weight loss happen.

People who sleep for less than 7 hours a day tend to be more overweight than the ones who get their regular rest of 8 hours. When a person is deprived of sleep, he tends to feel more hunger pangs throughout the day than the well-rested individual.

This is because of the hormones ghrelin and leptin. The hormone ghrelin increases appetite when it senses that the body needs food. Leptin, on the other hand, tells the brain when the stomach is full so that the body can stop feeling hungry. When these hormones become dysfunctional, weight loss becomes very hard to achieve. And accordingly, lack of sleep triggers these two hormones to work erratically.

The lack of good rest forces the body to decrease leptin production and increase ghrelin. This is why sleepy people tend to turn to food to keep them awake. Worse, they seem never to achieve the feeling of fullness, despite the big quantities of food that they have already taken in. Try to observe your appetite after spending half the night awake. The are chances that you’ll experience increased craving for food the follow day.

Lack of sleep can slow your metabolism too. Because the body has decreased energy for use throughout the day, you won’t have the will to do even the simplest exercises. Without exercise, your metabolism slows down. Exercising keeps your body energized and your metabolism greatly improved.

However, good rest between work-outs is also essential to losing weight. Studies show that the burning of fats actually happen after your body has released all the sweat and is in the state of rest. Therefore, you have to put a day of rest between workouts. This way, you will gain the full benefits of the exercise regime that you are currently following.

How to Get Good Rest for Better Weight Loss

Everybody is required to have at least 7 hours of sleep everyday. Eight is the ideal number although most adults can get away with seven. To give your self a good night’s sleep everyday, here are good tips to follow:

1. Try to relax a few minutes before bedtime.

2. Read a book or listen to relaxing music. Avoid stressful activities like going over your bills before sleeping.

3. Drink milk. Avoid caffeinated food items, alcohol, and cigarettes several hours before sleeping.

4. Make sure that your room clean, comfortable and orderly to help induce a good night’s sleep.

Gain all the benefits of getting good rest and weight loss by following all these tips. And you’ll definitely see yourself able to lose weight more easily.

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