Benefits of Buying Used Cars for Sale by Owner

By: Chris Robertson

Used cars for sale by owner can provide a fabulous avenue for you to find your dream car for less. And with recent financial woes of the automobile industry and the general economy, this car buying method is becoming more popular than ever. Folks are taking more time to research particular makes and models to compare features, fuel economy and rigidity. Consumers are becoming more aware of a car's ability to outlast its competition while also saving dollars on gas and maintenance. Armed with this information, they can browse car classifieds and use online resources to narrow their search for used cars being offered by individual sellers.

With this in mind, finding used cars for sale by owner has become a top priority for many used car buyers. Used cars are selling for much less than usual right now, and many sellers just want to move their car quickly instead of wait around for the best offer. Think about it. Owners who are selling their used car might be trying to collect money for an urgent need. There are many foreclosures going on and many individuals who are unemployed. Families often need to generate cash quickly. Selling their used car provides immediate cash to take care of other more pressing needs.

Families often sell off their second car if the mother starts staying home with her children, or if one or both spouses begin working full time from home. A second car becomes merely a luxury in these situations, and may suddenly become dispensable when a financial crisis arises. It's times like these that are beneficial for you if you're looking to buy a cheap used car.

Tremendous Money Savers

Buying a used car for sale by owner can save you money on the initial price as well as your car insurance and payments if financing the car. Banks often charge lower interest on new cars; however, the overall price and interest will be much less on a cheap used car. You might even finance through a loan company that specializes in used car loans to get a better interest rate. In some cases, the owner may finance a portion of the price for you if you can offer a large down payment. Car insurance is based on the value and type of car, as well as other factors such as your driving record, age, etc. If you pay for the car "in full" you will not be required to buy collision coverage unless you simply want to protect your investment for a while.

Crucial Tips

As you search for used cars, consider how long the owner has had the car. Is it a one-owner vehicle or has it changed hands several times? Has the car been driven by a teenager for any length of time? Has it ever been used as a rental vehicle? Also, consider if the car has ever been wrecked or not. You should always check the vehicle history before buying a used car, whether from a car lot or a used car for sale by owner. You can check the vehicle history using AutoCheck by Experian (credit reporting agency). If borrowing money to purchase your used car, the lender will likely check the history for you. Have the car checked out by someone with mechanical knowledge if possible. The motor, transmission and other major parts should be in fine working condition. Also, ask when the tires were last replaced and inquire about oil changes, the age of the battery, and tune-ups.

To begin your search, check in your local car classifieds or with pre-owned car classified websites that offer used cars in and around your area. You can often find great bargains by researching used cars online, and then drive to see the car in person if you feel it might be the one for you. Ask lots of questions before driving a long distance. If you find a good match, then driving a hundred miles or more will definitely be worth it to save potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Use these tips and browse online car classifieds to find great deals on used cars to fit your transportation needs and budget!

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