Benefits of Adding Peptizyde to the Regular Diet

By: Amelia Johnson

An addition of Peptizyde in the regular diet helps in digestion of food components in a proportionate manner. As hardly any person takes a balanced diet or follows a strict fitness regime today, they face repercussions of such a diet on the digestive system. A majority of people are today suffering or have become prone to diseases related to the digestive and immune systems. However the multiple enzyme ingredients of Peptizyde help to improve the digestive capability of the system in a healthy way and they can be consumed as per the nature and size of the meals consumed.

Facilitate Digestive Process: Usually improper digestion of food proteins by the pancreatic enzymes occur due to reasons like age, disease, food processing. This kills the natural enzyme content of the food and results in undigested protein that triggers food allergies, sensitivities and irregular immune response in the body. Peptizyde works as a digestive enzyme supplement that contains an assortment of plant and animal derived proteases that are protein digesting enzymes like brome lain, papain, pepsin and pancreatin and are helpful to combat general deficiencies of an overworked pancreas.

Assist the GFCF Diet: When you donít want to go with a GFCF diet and have Peptizyde to assist it, start consuming the enzymes because they provide a lot of benefits to the stomach. Consume the enzymes for a week or two and allow the body to adjust to the food being processed. Make sure the children can tolerate the enzymes and gradually start reducing the dairy products and gluten elements in food. Now you can have the benefits of going GFCF with these enzymes, only after allowing yourself or the child to adapt. As you get control of the GFCF diet, reduce the enzymes substantially to take control over the digestive system.

Get the Best Out of Enzymes: Peptizyde provides enzyme to the stomach to dissolve and digest the food consumed. Enzymes lay inactive in the stomach till the type of food they work upon arrives. As soon as such food is consumed the enzymes are activated and work as catalysts, but are not entirely burnt up in the process. If digestion would have been a process active for hours, then a small consumption of these enzymes would have continued the entire day. But since digestion happens for a limited time, you need to consume the enzyme just before the meal to get the best results in breaking down of the food.

Dosage Guidelines: The dosage of the enzymes depends primarily on the quantity and type of food and not on the age or weight of the person. If someone is GFCF and wants to digest then a single capsule per meal will do fine. For someone who is a partial GFCF, an intake of 2 capsules of Peptizyde before the start of the diet can set things right. Those who are totally not on the GFCF diet however need to do some experimentation with dosing. Start slowly and gradually increase the consumption from 1-3 capsules/meal.

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