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There are plenty of storage options available when it comes to choosing Bellevue storage facilities. You definitely would not have any problem finding a storage facility near your place or wherever you want. However, when renting a storage facility you should never hurry through the process. After all you are going to be storing your goods over there.

Storage Need
First of all, your search for a Bellevue storage facility is going to be guided by your storage needs. For instance, if you need to store your furniture, you are going to be looking for storage facilities that provide furniture storage.

The storage unit for your furniture should not only be large enough to accommodate all your furniture, but should also provide climate control, especially if you are storing antique or leather furniture.

It is important to ensure that the unit has enough space. Remember that not all furniture items can be stored by stacking them one over the other. For instance, you cannot place a heavy chair or some other furniture item on your antique table. This will only scratch its surface. So look for a unit that can accommodate all your furniture easily.

Climate Control
Climate control feature is very important for certain type of furniture. Antique and leather furniture are often damaged when stored in improper climate conditions. Humidity and hot weather can ruin your leather furniture. So if you are going to be storing your antique or leather furniture, make sure you do so in a climate control facility.

In a climate control Bellevue furniture storage facility, the temperature will be maintained to ensure that your furniture will never get damaged.

Security is another aspect that you should consider, if you are storing expensive furniture. Even if your furniture is not that expensive, you should be careful about security. Maybe there is a lot of emotional value attached to your furniture and you definitely do not want to lose it.

You have to ensure that the storage operator has adequate security measures on the facility. The facility should not only be properly lighted, but should also have a security and fire alarm on the premises. Moreover, there should be restricted access to the facility to ensure that unwanted people do not trespass on the property. Presence of CCTV cameras, fence and security guard on the facility all indicate that the facility has proper security measures.

Besides the security aspect, you should also look whether the Bellevue storage facility is providing insurance or not. Many operators do not provide insurance. The fact is that there is never a 100% guarantee that your goods will never be lost, damaged or stolen.

So as the owner of the goods you have to ensure that you are covered financially in the event your property is damaged, stolen or lost. Therefore, it is a good idea to get the insurance coverage from the storage operator.

If the storage operator is not providing insurance, you can always check with your home insurance provider if it provides self storage insurance coverage. Moreover, there are plenty of insurance companies on the net that provide self storage insurance coverage. You can always check with them.

When you have taken into consideration your storage needs, climate control feature, security, and insurance while choosing a storage facility for your furniture, you can be sure that you have made the right choice.

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