Before You Begin Learn The Types Of Yoga

By: Darvin J. Hooey

There are quite a few "types" of yoga. Yoga is a traditional physical and mental discipline originating in India, which has been practiced for centuries, and is a series of postures and positions, synchronized with your breathing, created to improve mind, body and soul. Ultimately, as you progress through the various stages, the result will be a stronger more focused mind, enhanced fitness and, if you are a spiritual person, a stronger connection with the universe! However, with all of the different styles of yoga, it's often difficult for future practitioners to know exactly where to start or which type is best for them.
Popular Types of Yoga
In spite of the fact that there are about 10 main types, they really only vary with respect to their individual emphasis of the styles versus the poses or postures:

  1. Hatha (Ananda): Perhaps the most appropriate style for beginners, this style is characterized by a slower pace, personal affirmations, and self-control.

  2. Ashtanga(Power Yoga): This is a more intense, faster pace of yoga, as the name "Power Yoga" suggests.

  3. Anusara: This is a "heart-oriented" style that makes good use of the "tools of yoga". These classes are somewhat intense but still accessible by all skill levels.

  4. Iyengar: This is one of the types of yoga that require much more stamina. It is characterized by a great attention to detail and an emphasis on bodily alignment. Stamina is a must for this style, as poses are often held for an extended amount of time...not the best place for you to start your yoga practice.

  5. Integral: Another great style for beginners to start with. This style balances attention to meditation, poses and breathing. Integral is a more general style like Hatha that will allow you to "taste test" the areas of concentration of the other styles.

  6. Bikram (Hot Yoga): This is the hottest of the types of yoga! It's called Hot Yoga because it's practiced in a room temperature of around 100 degree! This allows cleansing sweat to flow and muscles to relax. Beginners should not start with this one.

  7. Kundalini: Uses breath control and breathe/movement coordination to release bad energy. Beginners welcome.

  8. Kripalu: A perfect style of yoga for beginners. This style focuses on breathing and moving at your own individual pace.

  9. Sivananda: One of the largest schools of yoga, this style take a more holistic approach, including diet, relaxation and thinking. For those of you looking for guidance in areas beyond just fitness, this is one of the most appropriate types of yoga.

  10. Svaroopa: No fat burning here. This style is more about raising your consciousness. This is appropriate for beginners, but not if your focus is better fitness.

This is not purported to be a definitive list, but it should be a good place for you to begin as you pursue the highly beneficial practice of yoga!

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