Bees and Knees - Knee Problems

By: Sarah Carlye

A few generations ago, the phrase “the bee’s knees” was common. It meant the height of excellence. If you ever had a knee injury, knee strain, or knee pain you know you do not feel like you are at the height of excellence. Since most tasks and activities involving some walking, you probably felt as high as a bee’s knee, which is pretty low.

Being overweight and knee problems often go hand-in-hand. Loosing weight and becoming fit can reduce and maybe even eliminate knee problems. Often the need for knee surgery can be postponed or avoided when weight is lost. Even when knee surgery must be performed, healing and recovery is faster when the patient is at a healthy weight.

Ways to loose weight and become fit when you have knee problems:

• Walking on level surfaces
• Reduce calorie intake
• Wear fitness walking shoes
• Choose low impact exercises

To reduce the strain on knees when walking, wear high quality shoes that provide support and cushioning. Start out slow and increase length of walks and walking strides, as you become more fit and loose weight. Use a knee brace when you begin a walking or start a fitness program if recommended by your health care professional.

Avoid boredom while walking by walking with a friend, studying while walking, listening to music while walking, changing the route you walk, and walking a dog. Prevent walking burnout by taking a day off or two each week. Find both indoor locations to walk and outdoor locations to maintain a consistent walking schedule no matter what the weather is.

When you have knee problems, you should consult with your health care professional regarding fitness and weight loss, before starting any program. You’ll want to exercise enough to loose weight and become fit, without overdoing it and risking further knee strain or knee injury.

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