Beer Garden Melbourne For A Chilled Out Evening with Friends

By: Isidro Logan

If you love guzzling beer, you'll love the beer gardens in Melbourne. In the sunny and pleasant weather of Melbourne, there is really no better way to spend casual time with friends than to relax in beer gardens. Today, the popularity of beer gardens has soared in the city and numerous places have opened up that offer the best beer from their cellars, besides offering branded drinks. Also, apart from beer, beer gardens today offer a lot more things in their menu. So, if you are looking for a place where you get great drinks and good food, head over to a beer garden.

How did it all begin?

The story of beer gardens is very interesting. It started in Germany, the Mecca of beer. In the 17th century, when advanced exhaust and cooling systems were unknown, large beer breweries ran high risk of catching fire because beer was heated to high temperatures during the brewing process. After some major breweries were burned down, the government banned beer brewing in summers. So, all the beer had to be made in winters.

In order to keep beer cool in summers, the breweries there dug out huge cellars on the banks of river Isar to store beer barrels. To keep the area cooler, they planted chestnut trees over the area. Gradually, they put up small tables under the trees and served beer to customers right there. That is how beer gardens came about. The interesting thing about beer gardens was that you could take your own food to the place and enjoy it with a mug of beer.

Today, the concept has become extremely popular all over the world, especially in Melbourne where people love their frothy golden drink. In Australia, beer gardens were originally built in the open near sports fields. Today, star hotels in Melbourne have beer gardens in their own plush premises.

Beer gardens are different from pubs or bars

Although pubs and bars also offer beer and food, beer gardens have a very unique charm of their own. For one, the ambiance is so much more relaxed. The fun quotient is also more. The casual atmosphere can be very conducive to enjoying a great afternoon with a bunch of friends.

Beer gardens have a very rustic charm that is instantly endearing. Even when you are in a major city like Melbourne, beer gardens somehow cut you off from the metropolitan environment and transport you into the countryside. Well, the high end beer gardens in the city do look very sophisticated, but the disciplined formal ambiance that exists in star rated restaurants is completely absent in beer gardens.

Melbourne beer gardens have their own identity

Beer gardens in Melbourne have evolved their own style over the years. These places feature a lot of plants, green covers, ornamentation using natural materials and trinkets. Some gardens also feature green lawns.

Another very notable thing about beer gardens here is that everybody suddenly becomes friendly when they enter the place. There are no airs and no formality. Although these places are noisy and crowded, you can have private conversations because nobody bothers to try and eavesdrop on others' conversations. This is one characteristic that is unique to beer gardens.

So, go on and enjoy the ambiance. When the weather is good, there is really no better way to spend a warm afternoon in Melbourne.

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Beer gardens in Melbourne are a perfect way to relax and hangout with your closed ones as the ambiance they offer is pretty friendly and charming. Visit this site for more details.

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