Becoming a freelance worker may just be what you were waiting for to improve your wages.

By: Kolo M.

Hello to everyone. I’m called Harry and I am a freelancer in article writing. The whole reason I am writing this is to show this freelancing company I began using a little while ago. I registered my details with a company named in the desire that my skills would be required. I had already tried putting adverts on various job websites and in all of the local newspapers but I never got a good amount of work. If you think of the fact it earned me next to no funds I started to feel that advertising was a waste of my money and my time. Of course everybody knows about the economic crisis me included and really I had about as much success as I thought I would. So I gave up on that idea.

The next day my friend mentioned to me about perhaps using a freelancer website. Up until that point I had heard the term freelancer but did not truthfully know a lot about the meaning. He continued to explain to me more about freelancers and what I should do next. I figured you can not criticize it until you have tried it for myself so I figured it'd be best to take a look and have a try. The very next day bright and early, I searched on the internet for UK freelancer companies. Top of the page was In my view, from my searching experience the highest search engine results are usually the best results for whatever you maybe looking for.

As I said I registered my details with them and patiently waited for the results. On their website I saw that various companies are seeking freelancers to take on work that is involved in things like freelancer programmers and other different computer and internet based careers. There was pages and pages of freelance jobs for different work seekers with different levels of skill. I also noticed that there are plenty of freelancers offering their abilities on the website for different skill ranges that includes freelancer programmers. I saw the skill levels of a few other freelancers and saw that my skills were a higher standard in comparison to some other people. Including a load of people who were getting work already. With all of this in mind I started to feel a bit more optimistic about my chances of success and correctly so.

After placing my advert it took about 10 days for me to get 3 freelancer job opportunities in my e-mail inbox looking for freelancers to provide a bit more information. Anyhow, I sent replies to all the emails including my work background and what aspirations I have got for the years ahead. Employers like people who are sure of what they aim for in the years ahead as it shows sureness. Anyway 1 freelance employer replied to me in under thirty minutes and they virtually offered me a job there and then. All did was have a little talk with him on Skype messenger and that was it. I started working for them right away from home. At first they gave me a small trial job to do which I did fairly quickly. Once they saw the standard of my work they were happy and offered me more jobs. Now I often work for them plus 3 additional freelance jobs I've started in the mean time. Nowadays, I am beginning to get good money and I would urge any self employed computer or internet based trades people to check out. The money should come rolling in!

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