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By: James William.

You may have heard about Boresha BeSkinny Coffee and wanted to look into it more. You’ll find an overview of the product in this post as well as other people’s experience with the beskinny product.

To start, this was developed my Dr. Anne de Wees Allen who is responsible for major advancement in the scientific field regarding the glycemic index and L-Argenine. She is considered an alpha scientist. Because of her research on what the processed foods are doing to our bodies today, she has developed a line of products to address obesity in America today.

She combined her Skinny Science with the amazing taste of Boresha International’s coffee. The finished product is a fat burning coffee we know from the Boresha product line.

An important aspect of this coffee is that you should only use the BSweet to sweeten your beskinny coffee. This is a low glycemic sugar. Normal white sugar is 100 on the glycemic index, while BSweet is only 17. It is sweetened by fruits and is safe for diabetics and children. If you do want creamer you can either use the BCreamy or the creamer of your choice. Just remember, you are adding calories and fat to a drink that is designed to burn fat with normal creamers. So watch how much you put in.

To burn fat it is recommended you drink two servings of the coffee or of the boresha tea a day. You do need to drink these beverages on an empty stomach, so make sure you don’t eat for two hours before drinking.

I personally drink the beskinny coffee right when I get up. Then wait a half hour to an hour before I eat some breakfast. After breakfast, I wait two hours and drink the tea. I then have either lunch or a light snack after that.

And it’s that simple.

The miracle of beskinny coffee is in the science in how the coffee is grown, produced and roasted. The buffered caffeine spreads the caffeine out over a period of time so your body isn’t dealing with the entire caffeine intake at once. This also helps with your energy levels.

If you are looking for a way to burn fat that comes along side of your normal food intake and a way to increase your energy levels and to just feel better, then try the BeSkinny Coffee. Boresha offers a 10 Day Challenge to see what the coffee is like.

Here are some updates from beskinny coffee drinkers:

Today on day 28 of drinking my amazing skinny coffee, I have officially burned my first 10lbs of fat!!! – Brandy

These are size 8 pants, which were snug in Jan. 2010. I started drinking Bskinny in Sept. Here I am in Nov., I burned 13 pounds of fat and wear a size 4! – Rhonda

At Work, Feeling Better Than A Month Ago Because I Am 40 Pounds Lighter. – Kenneth

As of today I have lost 28 lbs., in a few short months, loving my skinny coffee. – Cindy

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