Be careful of Phishing scams appearing in your mailbox.

By: Greg Jackson

While I’m not too certain if this was a phishing shot or not, Chris and I received a correspondence in the mail a little while ago that sought a bit of information from him; a credit card number and more contact information (how much more information could they need if they previously had our address?). The reason that the company wanted the information was to provide him a “claim” on a lawsuit that he in no way filed (or to his realization) was ever a part of. The complete thing seemed a bit scammy albeit the letter looked like it was from a justifiable business.

So I began looking a bit more into the letter and the senders. The individuals who sent the letter (whoever they are) are not at the address that is listed on the letter. Even the law firm that says created, filed, and tried the lawsuit was not the actual law firm that is the legitimate law firm for the suit.

As a result, if this is a phishing con, do they not grasp that people possess Google? I mean, when my associates or I don’t know the response to something our first response is “I’ll Google it.”

These days individuals are not simply going to give up their credit card information, social security digits, savings account information, etc. to someone who just sent a correspondence to their house. Even if, it looks more legitimate when its sent by way of the USPS rather than Gmail.

I understand the moral of the story is to always check to make sure that, before you send your information to a corporation that may or may not be who they reveal, confirm! You never know whether that is an real corporation or a poser.

I am truly pleased that I found that information, but I was wondering, “Who do I report this to?” Chris asked me the same inquiry and the only thing I could conjure up “Well, this doesn’t have a ‘report phishing’ like email does.” So, who do you report phishing attempts through the mail to?

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