Be The Pied Piper Of Fun…Sell MLM Travel

By: Poncho Villa

How would you like to play the sound that makes people flock to your side and become the Pied Piper of fun? Because, that’s all it takes to win over people’s attention and have them do as you ask in the travel business.

The key here you getting them to “do as you ask.” This does not mean they will be doing something they would not want to do. In fact, I’m going to share with you a powerful secret that should change how you think of success in business. What you need to perfect is how you….


For the sake of this series of messages I’ve been sending you. Let me use the example of travel. Consider this. Most all people have or will travel at some point. Most people, while on a trip, will rent or stay in a hotel room at some point. People also rent cars and take airline flights. It’s expected that they will at some point, whether sooner or later. People are mobile. We travel around the earth, usually on a daily basis from here to there.

Given these facts.

It’s almost like shooting fish in a barrel to learn when and where someone will travel next. And knowing that they will likely stay in a hotel, mentioning a hotel stay or bargain is an easy conversation topic.

Therefore, if someone who promotes travel wants to easily be successful at selling Travel Company…all they need to so is educate people, by recommending the travel discount features of the membership, which are: discounts, reduced prices on airfare, hotel and transportation.


A travel membership sales pitch may very well be, one of the few, 30 Minute Millionaire Opportunities.

It takes just 10 minutes to bring up the discounts and hotel bonus during a conversation. The remainder of the time, which can be done a later date is invested in registering the customer up for the service.

30 minutes of someone’s time to be successful in a business is impressive.

How many 30 minute businesses would you say are successfully in operation today? Can you think of any?
If you sell mlm travel over the internet, here are some great benefits.

There is NO product to distribute
There is NO product to store
There is NO product that will spoil or get outdated
There are NO monthly fees
This is an Internet based business

Plus, you are rewarded, for example, with a 7 night luxury hotel stay for $36 a night!

You can't beat it. You can't lose. It's like putting money in your bank, just with the savings alone.

Make the decision. Share the news and start profiting from MLM Travel. People you know are traveling each and every day. If you don't tell them about the savings and hotel benefits, someone else will.

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