Be Cool in School in a School Uniform

By: Sarah Carlye

The word “cool” and “school uniform” don’t seem like they belong in the same sentence. Students can wear a required school uniform and still be cool. Before seeing how to be cool in a school uniform, check with the dress code of the school. Some schools have further guidelines besides just the type and color of the school uniform shirts, school uniform pants, and school uniform skirts that can be worn.

Wearing a cool school uniform might not seem possible with the guidelines provided from the school that a student attends. Individualization and a certain level of coolness can be attained even while wearing a school uniform. It can be done in the following ways:


Girls have is a little easier to be an individual and feel cool in a school uniform because they have more hairstyle options and can wear hair accessories.

Jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings can be worn. Even the strictest guidelines will allow a watch to be worn. Make it a great watch if that is the only jewelry that can be worn.


With the money that is saved on school uniforms, use it to buy cool school supplies that will make you look cool in a school uniform. The school supplies can be color coordinated to match or of varied color for a bolder statement.

School bags and backpacks can reflect who you are and show your individuality. A school uniform is cool when there is a stylish backpack being carried.

Bold book covers and notebooks can draw attention away from a school uniform that may seem boring and not cool.

A cool school locker may make up for wearing a school uniform and not feeling cool. Decorate it to show your personality and let it be a place to express yourself.


When wearing a jacket it will cover most of a school uniform. A great jacket can make a school uniform look cool. Hats and scarves, especially when it is cold, can be worn to express individuality. Having a cool jacket and being able to change matching scarves and hats will help the monotony of wearing a school uniform.

When looking for cool school uniforms, you may feel like there just aren’t any that fits your school requirements. You have to buy a school uniform anyways, so choose high quality and affordable prices like the school uniforms available at Spending less money on school uniforms allows for more money to be budgeted for accessories, school supplies, and outerwear.

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