Be Aware of the Many Facts about Coffee

By: Brenian Chew

The tremendous number of coffee shops that you see almost everywhere can only attest that coffee is one of few drinks that is loved by many people all over the world. If you would make a survey on household items that cannot do without one product, the answer would be simply coffee. One of the facts about coffee is that people would drink coffee for the simple reason that they want to stay awake maybe they need to be awake because of their work or they have to study all throughout the night. But then the purpose of drinking coffee is not limited to alertness but it is also served when friends and other guests come to visit your place.
Though coffee is a universal drink, few people are aware of the many benefits one can get from drinking coffee. Aside from the alertness that you benefit on drinking coffee, there is a notion that the effect of coffee on men and women are different. If you know all about coffee, you would easily conclude that there is no difference on the effect of coffee on both men and women even though there is a great difference on the physical structures of both genders. There are negative critics on the adverse effect of coffee on the personís health however; research concluded that if you only know about coffee, youíll be glad to know that it can be the healthiest alcoholic drink because if contains antioxidants that others are lacking from others. Youíre right; this only states that drinking the right number of cups of coffee which is at least four cups means that your body is capable of fighting infections and diseases.
You might not know everything about coffee like the issue on coffee beans when in fact they are berries and not beans. Did you know that the best coffee in the world is the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and Beethoven, the famous musician is a coffee lover? Another fact that might interest you about coffee is that the human body absorbs only 3000 milligrams of caffeine which is present in four cups of coffee and drinking more than four cups means that your body would no longer absorb it hence, you will no longer be stimulated.
Now, can you safely based on some coffee news say that drinking at least two to four cups of coffee drive the doctor away?

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