Basic information every small business needs to know when opening an ecommerce store.

By: Kim Meredith Smith

With the digital age it is easier than ever for anyone to turn a hobby into a potential business. However, opening an online store can be a bit overwhelming for someone just starting out. There are some easy tricks and tips available that the big companies like PayPal,, and Intuit may not provide you. In fact, these companies may try to push you into using products or services that you do not need. So, how do you get an cheap web design and online store?
The truth is it might not be as hard to start your online business as you might think. In fact, if you are just starting an online business, you only need the right format to market your products. It is probably a good idea to have a website, but you may not need an online store yet. The best way to get started is to determine the right marketplace for your product. This might mean you begin your career selling your products through Ebay or Craigslist. By no means should you start off by creating a big fancy website with a massive shopping cart.
Donít get me wrong, a website is important because it will provide customers with more information about you, provide your company with legitimacy, and give customers a way to contact you for special orders. The key is to start your website out simple so that it meets your current needs, but has the ability to be expanded very quickly as your business grows. This allows you to pay for the hosting and services that you need to get started without devoting all of your money to expensive merchant accounts or shopping cart creations. Once you become more established, you can look into adding a shopping cart to your website.
The shopping cart requirement will depend a lot on your product. If your products are all the same, a simple shopping cart may work fine. However, if your business is based on large inventories of different products, you could benefit from the expertise of a professional. Some companies have large inventories, but all of the products are different. You may have a catalog of products available, but customers must special order the items or come into a store to purchase them. In other cases, you may be selling and shipping products directly from your site. All of these factors must be considered.
Starting an online business can be as easy as posting items on Craigslist or selling your custom made jewelry on Etsy. These are great ways to get started and determine the viability of your company. In order to be successful, you should begin planning your online expansion from the beginning. This means creating an expandable website. You may want to take advantage of an online store option until you become established. Once you get your bearings, it is time to move forward and create your own presence using a shopping cart and possibly a merchant account that allows you to process credit cards. Remember, you can start out small with this as well and accept credit cards through PayPal. Your customerís will appreciate the convenience, and it will increase your potential clientele.
Donít be afraid to try your luck with an online store. The digital format allows individuals to turn a hobby into a business with very little investment required. The most important keys to success are start out small, have an expandable website, and create a great plan for success. Even a novice can make a go of it online.

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