Basic Things to Know about Wine

By: Stephen John

Wine is such a broad spectrum of discovery. It is not limited to a few brands and types found in your liquor shop. It is also not just your usual beverage. A delight and intricate experience can be derived from a glass of good quality wine. To better enjoy and understand wine, here are some basic information.

Tips for Beginners

First-time drinkers have the tendency to dislike the taste and texture of full-bodied wine. This might be due to the acidity and peppery taste of some wines. Beginners are, therefore, recommended to start with something lighter and easy on the palate. Perhaps, a rose wine or sparkling white wine would be easily appreciated at first. As you go along and discover more types and brands of wine, your palate will open up to richer and full-bodied red wines.

Unlike beer and other alcoholic drinks, wine can be quite intoxicating when drunk in full volume. A glass or two will be enough to keep things light and tipsy. It is not advisable to drink this straight as you won’t appreciate and experience the flavors, texture, and richness of this beverage.

Varieties to Try

Most popular types of wine worth trying are Sauvignon Blanc white wine, Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir Chardonnay, or a Burgundy wine. Make sure you are buying something that is worth the penny because there are low-grade wines that may disappoint. You can easily buy a good quality wine at an affordable price. You can also check this site for an idea of good types of wine you can consider.

Health Benefits

One of the reasons why wine is well-loved over the world is the known health benefits it offers to drinkers. The resveratrol substance in wine reduces bad cholesterol in the body. This is probably why more adults choose to drink wine rather than other types of alcoholic beverages. Of course, moderation is important.

Cooking and Dining with Wine

Wine is also a great ingredient to include when cooking various cuisines. The acidity and flavor of wine can make food even more delicious and richer in taste. When cooking or eating with wine, the basic pairing is white with white and red with red. This means that white meat like poultry, fish, chicken and seafood goes well with white wine, while red meat dishes with beef, pork, steak, and lamb will be perfect with a good bottle of red wine.

Utilize the Right Wine Glass

Have you noticed the varieties of wine glasses available today? You can even buy a set with different heights and roundness. What is common with most wine glasses is the stem. This is where you should hold the glass and not by its bowl, because when you hold it by the bowl, you will be reducing the chilled temperature of the wine. Ideally, wine is best tasted when it is chilled at the right temperature.

Wine glasses also differ in circumference. Some have narrow openings while others have wider bowls. The narrow openings are for white wine or sparkling wines. This is to avoid a higher rate oxidation and keep the flavor and crisp taste of white and sparkling wines in tact. The full-bodied red wines, on the other hand, are strong in flavor, and a bit more oxidation will do well to achieve the wine’s ideal taste. The wine glasses with wider bowls are perfect for red wines. Twirling the glass to release the wine’s aroma and flavor will also be easier with wider bowls.

As you can see, there’s more to learn and discover about wine. If you begin with an open mind and enthusiasm, you will find yourself enjoying the learning process even more. If you can join wine tours and wine-tasting events, you would learn even more and have the opportunity to taste the best wines all over the world.

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