Barreremix is a beautiful form of isometric training

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In this stressful world, any kind of exercise that helps you remain fit would be welcome. It could be the traditional Yoga, Pilates, or even the normal workouts in the gym. Any kind of exercise done under expert supervision is bound to produce good results. There are different kinds of exercise routines available, of which the barre workout is one. The barre workout is gaining in popularity in recent times. Before we go into the details of the barre isometric training routines, we shall have a brief look into what is barre.

What is barre?

The basic equipment you use in a barre routine would be the barre bar (as in a ballet barre) for support. Not surprisingly, the credit for introducing this exercise routine should go to a ballet dancer. A German-based ballet dancer by the name of Lotte Berk developed this exercise as part of her rehabilitative therapy. You can also call it a type of a dance exercise as well.

The routine starts with the normal kind of mat-based pushups and planks followed by a series of simple arm exercises. A session at the barre where you tone up your thighs and glutes is the next part of the routine. You would end the routine with a short session of core moves on the barre or the mat.

What is unique about the barreremix?

The principles of the barre routines are the same. However, the difference lies in the fact that the barreremix caters to a maximum of nine clients per session. The exercise classes focus on safety as well as a proper alignment of the body. The principles of isometric training come to the fore here. The definition of the word isometric is very simple. By performing a muscular action, you develop a tension in the muscle without the contraction of the muscle.

The technique involves performing small one-inch improvements. Once you become accustomed to the routine, you move on to the next routine. In this way, you build up the body gradually. In many ways, you can call it a ‘Pilates’ alternative as well.

The benefits of the barreremix:

The isometric training is the crux of the issue. You would be employing tiny increments whereby you help the muscle to develop without much of a strain. You would develop the muscle without tearing the same. Therefore, there is less risk of any injury.

By employing the barreremix method, you would be able to target multiple muscles at a single time. You can develop your quads, calves, hamstrings, etc with the same routine.

The routines would be enjoyable in the same way dance classes are. After all, the inventor of this routine is a dancer herself.

These group exercise classes can improve your body-mind coordination in the same way as Yoga. The difference would be that you would use the barre more instead of the mat.

The best advantages are that you can lose weight, improve your posture alignment, and enhance your mobility.

Final words:

Sitting at a desk for long hours can damage your health. You should explore such simple and alternate means to strengthen your body and keep it fit.

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