Bare Minimum Night-Time Skin Care

By: aloevella

Most evenings, it’s not a problem to spend a little chunk of time on your skincare routine. Carefully applying each layer of anti wrinkle cream, moisturizing cream, eye cream — most of the time, it’s absolutely worth it in your quest for how to look younger. But some nights, you’re so exhausted that the last thing you want to do is spend any significant amount of time applying anti aging cream, or really, doing anything besides flopping down on your bed. While this isn’t a good habit to get into every day, one day every once in a while won’t derail your whole skincare regimen. If you need a quick, no-fuss skincare day every now and then, give your skin what it needs without taking more than a minute or two. If you’re only going to do one or two things before you hit the hay, here are the things you should consider doing.

If your skin feels dry…
Whether your skin type is dry or you just deal with the occasional dry patch, that tight feeling means your skin is lacking moisture. Splash your face with warm water to rinse your skin and open up your pores, pat it dry with a clean face towel, then apply a face moisturizer or moisturizing cream and let it soak into your skin. One more step: Use a proper cleanser before applying your face moisturizer. You should always apply moisturizer after cleansing your skin to keep it hydrated.

If you’re acne prone…
Those with acne often take extra care to keep skin clear, so it should be a rare day you don’t go through your whole skincare routine, lest your complexion rebels and breaks out. The most important things for you to do are remove your makeup so it can’t clog your pores, and use an anti-acne cleanser to remove existing free radicals. One more step: Apply a spot treatment on existing pimples to help them dry up and decrease redness.

If your face looks greasy or shiny…
Whether you have oily skin or not, a greasy-feeling face is one of the worst things ever. First things first, wash that excess oil away with a gentle cleanser. Next, use a light face moisturizer to help skin re-hydrate without leaving a sheen. One more step: Before you apply your face moisturizer, use a mild natural toner or astringent to release any dirt or oil clogging your pores that the cleanser missed.

If you just want to fight wrinkles…
Want to know how to look younger? Ensure you apply your anti wrinkle cream, even if that’s all you do. Focus on problem areas, such as forehead creases, lip lines or crow’s feet around your eyes. One more step: Wash your face first. While anti aging cream works regardless, it does its job better on clean skin.

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