Bar Loyalty Programs – Helping the Restaurants to Sell More Beer

By: Mug Clubs is a technology based marketing and selling tool what will be marketed to bars, brewpubs, and breweries. We will operate using a SaaS model, providing our service for the nominal cost of $60 - $100 per month. Our customers will utilize our product to host an online Mug Club for their patrons, who can interact with the product by downloading a free app for their phone or tablet.

The company was founded in 2015 as a result of the founder’s desire to develop a platform that would leverage SaaS principles to the bar and nightclub industry. Specifically, the first product platform will target Mug Clubs, which are a popular marketing and sales tool employed by drinking establishments. To date nobody has brought forward a digital solution to facilitate their administration and execution, thus putting the investment of time, resources, and money solely on the establishment’s management.

We offer an online portal so the customer can manage their mug club, and will provide free access to a linked app that patrons can download to their smartphone or table.The technology platform will include a website (portal) and associate app, which when used in tandem will be the means by which the Mug Club is hosted for the customer. We have contracted a third-party technology firm to execute the development of the technology and will establish a retainer agreement for tech support.

From the recent studies, it has been identified that bars introducing loyalty programs have enabled businesses to enhance their sales volume in an effective manner.The main objective of a loyalty program is to add more value and better serve the needs of consumers. In fact, it can help a bar to maintain the existing customer base while attracting new customers. In other words, the bar loyalty programs can be considered as one of the most effective methods available out there for the modern world bars to enhance their potential customer base.

A beer loyalty programs always don’t need to be associated with monetary rewards. In fact, in many cases the customer value comes from the fun of participating in the Mug Club itself. The Masters of Beer Appreciation program, which was introduced by Brixx (a pizza chain located in North Carolina) is a perfect example. This program has helped Brixx to establish stronger relationships with their guests. In other words, they have been able to convert one-time guests into regulars and friends without spending significant time or marketing dollars. According to Jeff Dyke, who is the managing partner of Brixx, they have been able to drive the beer sales in a way that they never expected.

As you can see, the beer loyalty programs have the potential to deliver amazing benefits to any bar, brewery, or restaurant. The beer club app called Mug Clubs is the perfect tool to assist any owner or manager establish their loyalty program with a minimum or effort and cost.

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The Mug Clubs app and software allows bars and breweries to host and mange their own mug club or online beer loyalty programs. Start attracting new customers using this some unique bar promotion ideas by offering mug club app. Take your beer club online with our app. For more info visit

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