Banner ads vs. Text Ads (which is better)

By: Ohnoerino Kamal

Banner Ads and Text ads can both be very effective ways to bring customers to your site but each offers very different things to advertisers. The choice of which is right for you is a vital to how well your ad campaign will perform, thus, you can assign a dollar amount to making the right choice or the wrong choice. So how do you make the right choice? A good basic rule is that if you have a product that people will care very much about styling and appearance (apparel, electronics, furniture, and pretty much any product that people buy for a certain look) then banner ads are the way to go. No one is going to click on a text ad for the latest fashion, they want to see it. If you have a product that is more of a commodity (financial services, Insurance, ) then text ads are a better option. These are of course just general guidelines, some products are impossible to put into a broad category and at other times products that are not visual can still see significant traffic via banner ads.

Here is some big strength of banners ads:

1. Branding: Your logo and your name get seen. Often people come to the site because they remember the visual
2. Visual: If your product needs to be seen. Only a banner ad is going to show it
3. Convey more info: Advertisers can convey much more information with a banner ad. There is a much larger area and a picture is worth a thousand words:

Text ads also have some major advantages. They include:

1. More sites accept text ads: A wider variety of sites is always a plus
2. Cost: You can get about three times the number of views with text ads as you can with banner ads.
3. Simplicity: It cant get any simpler than text
4. Variations: Easy to create several text ads and rotate them since you dont need an graphic designer to make them.

The above are good guidelines to consider before your campaign and if you have questions your account manager can always help you. Also, you can always switch from banners to text of vice versa at anytime during your campaign. Just contact your account rep and they will be glad to help.

If you are looking for the most success in your online marketing, you need to consider buying banner ads as a part of a marketing package from a company that offers the services you need. If you aren't sure what you need, you might want to at least get a free consultation from a company to make sure you're on the right track when it comes to knowing how to buy banner ads. The banner ads you get from these companies won't be any less impressive or successful than those purchased from a specialty company that sells banner ads, so don't worry about that.

When you are looking to make sure that interested people are finding your website, you will find that banner advertising is a method of getting their attention that you need to think about., and you will find that this can be a great way to allow people to find your work through a related site. Before you get started with Text Ads, though there are a few basics that you should keep in mind.

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Text Ads is essentially the use of a visual ad on someone's site that will provide a link back to yours. You will want to make sure that your site has a place for people to download some Banner Ad and to put them up on their own site should they want to give you some free advertising.

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