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It is important to remember that both have adverse effects on credit for up to seven years, but declaring bankruptcy could be the key to saving your investment, your home from the creditors. A case under chapter 11 begins with the filing of the petition of case in the bankruptcy court in accordance to the residing area of the debtor. For example, if you file for chapter 13 bankrupcy, all your debts are to be paid off in a structured payment period of between 3-5 years. In order to get started, you need to be aware of how your credit stands presently. A file for bankruptcy shows up on individual and company credit rating. Therefore, if you plan everything beforehand, things would definitely be much easier for you. It is easy for individuals to seek out and find bankruptcy furniture on the internet. After this notice has been issued, the home is liable to be seized in foreclosure. Those filing for Chapter 13 will also have higher amounts of their disposable income to hand over as well. It IS possible, although you will likely have to wait for seven years, to make positive gains on your score after filing bankruptcy. Although it will be a challenge, it is definitely not an impossible task, which is important to keep in mind. Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of certain kinds of debts that may or may not be discharged. Under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan, you can make regular monthly payments and be given a reasonable period of time to bring your loan payments up to date to save your property from being seized and sold to another seller who is able to make the payments on the property. After having to claim bankruptcy, you may feel as though you will never regain a positive credit rating. Thus, it is common for some companies to get information from these records and determine the worthiness of a person or company's claim. It will perhaps be a little more than obvious if I start by saying that bankruptcy furniture is the furniture that is auctioned when someone declares bankruptcy. Usually once you have claimed bankruptcy, your wages are garnished and the courts will make payments to your creditors. As bankruptcy furniture is exempt for individuals, the creditors or trustees may in some cases raise objections to the value that the furniture has been assessed for. This is referred to as accelerated debt, and should be avoided at all costs. As this highest monthly expense, there are ways that it can be protected from being seized by creditors, including the lending company who issued the mortgage. Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of certain kinds of debts that may or may not be discharged. There are two kinds of bankruptcy to claim: liquidation or reorganization. However, the debtors sometimes are not able to get even the dischargeable debts removed because the creditors have filed an appeal against the same. If a claim has been "discharged," it means that the debts were paid off and ultimately eliminated. The status of a claim can either be "filed," "dismissed" or "discharged." If a claim has been "filed," it has been submitted and is still active and under consideration. Bankruptcy can protect assets such as homes, and cars and protect creditors from seizing these assets. If bankruptcy is looking like your only option, you should consider negotiating credit card debt yourself. We are not prepared for the big business world when we graduate high school and we definitely know nothing about living on our own. This could be the new start that you require, and the homeowner would have one of the highest valued assets to begin the process anew.

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