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By: John Harder

Compared to the days long ago when locks and boundary walls did not exist, we cannot imagine a society without fences today. Fences have several advantages over walls, though each serves its own purpose. Economically, balustrades may be shifted and reinstalled. Esthetically, fences are better with transparency a great advantage for security. Marking boundaries was never a more pleasant sight. Safety concerns are particularly important in homes with unpredictable children around. The aluminum and steel balustrades with elegant powder coating cater to Australian Standards and Building Codes. Balustrades Adelaide specializes in a variety of exquisite, functional fencing solutions.

Suit your lifestyle and budgetary requirements

Metallic fences with the protective powder paint coating in preferred colors are tremendously durable and last far beyond concrete walls and log fences. According to the situation, especially in extensive homes and estates, farms and businesses, adequate fencing ensures safety. Guarding against thieves, vagrants, and stray animals would certainly ensure stress-free sound sleep. Longer boundaries require fencing rather than walls. Decorative stretches of cute and vibrantly colorful fences that may be combined partially with walls would attract great praise.

John Harderís vision originated way back in 1989

Dedicated to the spirit of competition and delivering committed services, the company developed over the challenging years and weathered many storms successfully. Growing slowly and surely over many years, we have reached within the touching distance of the three-decade milestone. We salute the customers who made it possible, besides the workers. As we carry forward the legacy each day, we know that many peaks remain to be conquered.

Security concerns drive the need for fences

Besides the aesthetic element, the chief motivator of construction offenses has been security. The boundary needs to be marked by something strong that can withstand the elements. Sturdy metallic gates with additional security features along with the adjacent fencing are one of our specialties, high in demand to keep out unlawful forces from the premises. If parts of the residence or grounds lack a boundary demarcation, it is strongly advised to set up the kind of fencing we recommend. If doubts arise about the choices or types of fencing, we would advise on the best course of action. Measurements, advice, and quotations would be rendered free of charges. Balustrades Adelaide will take care of every aspect of the task.

Supply only or manufacture and install the fences?

We leave the option open, according to the choice of the customer. Whether we supply the products or carry out installations under our supervision is what the customer decides. We would recommend that our experts carry out the installation. The advantage would be a skilled piece of work that stands better chances of successfully weathering the forces of nature during the long life of the fence. Our workers will set it up very well.

Custom styles of fencing suit every need

Accommodating every customer requirement has been our hallmark since day one. Rather than have set models, we will cater to the dreams of every individual and create fences and gates as fanciful and colorful as needed. The contemporary lifestyle requires a world of fantasy in the escape from dull reality that everybody wishes to attain. Architectural styles and building interiors to reflect the same gay ideas of life as if we live in a world without tomorrows.

Which one will it be?

If the requirement of fencing is quite extensive, you need to choose two or three styles and colors to avoid boredom or sameness. Combining costly approaches in the visible areas with cheaper fences in the remote areas would be a cost-effective policy. Cast panels would provide a closed fence, similar to a wall with no visibility that serves the purpose of utmost privacy. The height of the fences could be according to need with taller ones in exposed locations to guard against intrusion. Pointed spikes on the top of the fences guard against climbing over with ease.

Tubular fencing is very common and serves every practical need. The high-quality steel and aluminum fencing is popular at pools and spas across the country besides fences and gates.
The Galvanized steel and silicone manufactured fence by means of welding ensures minimum deterioration. Finishing through powder coating in various colors brings a delicate and pleasing appearance that is visible all over the city.

Cast panels with accompanying gates in similar colors and patterns are very popular in terms of safety and privacy.

Depending upon need and location, Picket Fencing may be more appropriate with stakes inserted in the ground to support the fence.

Colorbond fencing in many colors with a ten year warranty has witnessed immense success, particularly suited to the conditions in Australia.

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Fencing World manufactures and installs the best quality and artistically designed fences and gates, according to the writer. He worked with several businesses and believes that Balustrades Adelaide is the best in terms of style, performance, and price.

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