Ball in the World Cup match -After 1994

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From the 20th century, 20's, the founder of Adidas Adi Dassler committed to the development and production began the best football products. This tradition remains the same: During the past 90 years, Adidas has always been for more than a million worldwide to meet and exceed the needs of football players making unremitting efforts. Adidas began making high-quality from the 1963 World Cup match ball, when most football is brown, very heavy, kicking up feet will hurt. In 1970, the first FIFA World Cup in Mexico asked Adidas to provide the official ball to South Africa 2010 World Cup "celebrate" World Cup Adidas has developed the 11 official ball .

Questra. In 1994, Questra is for the first time the use of energy recovery property with a white polyurethane foam lining. This inner sense of the ball touches softer (easier to control), the ball faster. Designers hope she can from the ground like a rocket when it was running fast, "Questra" ideas from the United States space exploration and the pursuit of space technology.

Tricolore "tri-color ball" ball in 1998, Tricolore is the first time in World Cup soccer printed with colorful patterns. Its design inspiration is from the French tricolor flag and the French nation and the French Football Federation's tradition of "rooster" logo. The "Tricolore" The main innovation lies in using a new type of composite foam materials, the internal structure is the flexibility of the rules closely arranged bubbles, each bubble is closed and filled with gas. The new composite material is more wear, giving the ball better energy recovery performance, allowing a more stable ball flight and direction more accurately. Tricolorefor is used for the first time of "transparent printing" technology, so that the ball is more vivid images, and easy to wear and longer life.

Fevernova (flying fireball) in 2002 with the ball, "flying fireball," since the launch of Adidas World Cup 1978 match ball TangoTM designated the first time by breaking the conventional design. On the design elements into modern Asian culture, a more dynamic and innovative "Flying fireball," the use of high-tech synthetic foam layer structure is based on three-color ball 98 World Cup improved. Improved foam layer by the number of super-pressure balloon and the size of the equivalent micro-structure, the structure of the body to give the ball back superior energy performance and additional buffer performance of the force, improve the controllability of the football and running accuracy degrees.

adidas and Teamgeist (and Team Star) in 2006 with the ball, the team star is the first 3D approach to design a football, adidas innovation team (AIT, adidas Innovation Team) to cross-lock box design to 3D pre-curvature forming, using the new 14 saddle pad structure, the three saddle pads reduce the number of contact points 60% (60 down to 24), and the total length of more than 15% reduction of separator (reduced from 40.05 cm to 33.93 cm) , and import adidas heat released in 2004 with (Thermal Bonding) technology, the United Kingdom and Germany, Loughborough University, adidas football laboratory tests to prove the team can significantly increase the star player of the ball control and accuracy.
adidas and Jabulani (celebrate) 2010, with the ball, "JABULANI" from Africa, Zulu, means "celebrate." JABULANI "developed by Adidas, the new sphere, making the ball in any weather conditions, always maintain a stable flight path, thereby greatly enhancing control over the players on the football." JABULANI "breakthrough only by the eight composed of epidermal Adidas ball first time modeling approach allows each piece to achieve three-dimensional structure of the epidermis are then spliced to complete the thermal bonding technology to make the new ball is more round than in the past, to run more precise. as Adidas The first of 11 World Cup match ball, "JABULANI" used 11 different colors. 11 colors also represent each football team composed of 11 players, meaning the same time South Africa has 11 tribes and the official language.

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