Baldness is a Choice

By: Marty Copeland

Going bald isn't always a bad thing and the fully shaved head may suit some, but for many, hair loss can be a real downer, since no lotion or medicine can grow new hair in the bald areas of your head.

With baldness affecting around two thirds of men before they turn 40, there's no doubt that a hair transplant, done right, can be a life changing experience. Over the past few years, the hair transplant industry has exploded, with many men opting for surgery, made more famous still by countless celebrities who've chosen the treatment with the likes of James Nesbitt, Wayne Rooney, etc.

Whilst older techniques have tended to yield inconsistent results, and often caused scarring, the latest technique is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), a painless and minimally invasive procedure which involves extracting individual hair (follicles) from the back or side of the head and then inserting them in the thinning area, creating a new hairline. FUE uses tiny needles and local anaesthetic, without causing any scarring or pain.

There is a resting period of 4-6 months where the hair fall and re-grow, but after 10 months, up to 90% of your transplanted hair will be growing naturally and will last for a lifetime. Your new transplanted hair will continue to grow normally and you can treat them like the rest of your hair (cut, dry, colour them, etc).

Typically, between 4,000-8,000 individual hair are transplanted, but there are cases of 20,000 and the cost is between £2-£3 per hair, depending on the amount of hair extracted and transferred.

The procedure is championed by the FUE Hair Clinics©, one of the leading hair transplant clinics in Harley street today.

'Someone who has had a hair transplant with us, looks in average at least 7 years younger', says Michael Psaltakis, the Managing Director of FUE Hair Clinics©, 'but in my case, people say that I look more than 10 years younger', he adds with confidence, while showing us the before and after pictures of his hair transplant. And trust me; his pictures speak better than a thousand words!

We are taking pride in practicing what we preach, since our Consultants have had a FUE Hair Transplant themselves. We are experts in producing natural looking results to perfectly suit your age and face features. If you visit us for a hair transplant consultation, you will meet someone who has been in your shoes and understands where you are coming from; and most importantly, you will be able to judge our work with your own eyes.

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If you need more information on baldness and hair transplant , your FUE Hair Clinics© consultant will advise for the right solution and next steps. FUE Hair Clinics© is a hair loss site you can rely on!

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