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Mini High Bars For Better Performance

Mini high bars are available in different sizes including gymnastic mini high bar, gymnastic high bar of 4’ x8’ x 2” leg extension and folding mat, gymnastic mini high bar of 6ft folding mat and gymnastic mini high bar having leg extensions.

Gymnastics is one of the world’s oldest sports. It is a very natural sport including activities, which people would usually do outside the gym class or during the gymnastic competitions like running, jumping, tumbling, swimming and climbing. The modern gymnastics involves the act of series of actions and movements. It generally includes exercises on the balance beam, floor exercises, uneven bars and vault for women while on the other hand parallel bars, still rings, vault, floor exercises, pommel horse and high bar for men.

All About Mini High Bar

While high bar or mini high bar is the most liked gymnastic apparatus. The key to mini high bar is good timing and a tight body.

Basic skills

Some of the basic skills include:

1. Kip
2. 3/4 Giant
3. Clear hip to handstand
4. Flyaway
5. Front flyaway
6. Stem
7. Swing 1/2 turn
8. Tap swing

A Skills

1. 1/2 pirouette
2. Back giant
3. Backuprise
4. Blind change/ Blind turn
5. Clear hip
6. Front flyaway 1/2 twist
7. Front giant
8. Kip
9. Mix grip stem swing to front giant
10. Skoumal

B Skills
1. Double flyaway
2. Endo
3. Endo 1/2 pirouette
4. Front flyaway with 1/1 twist
5. Full pirouette
6. Giant hop regrab

Some other kinds of skills include Czech giant swing, yamawaki, kovacs, rybalko, piked and tkatchev.

Types of mini high bars

Elements on the mini high bar are controlled by code of points. There are various kinds of mini high bar accessible online which includes gymnastic high bar of 4’ x8’ x 2” leg extension and folding mat, the gymnastic mini high bar, Gymnastic mini high bar having leg extensions and Gymnastic mini high bar of 6ft folding mat.

Gymnastic high bar of 4’ x8’ x 2” leg extension and folding mat: This mini high bar is prepared with 2” square tubing with the weighted base and 12 gauges and in order to give additional permanence as well as fidelity.

Gymnastic mini high bar having leg extensions: The altitude of the mini high bar can be accordingly adjusted to 60” from 35”. Apart the telescopic rails as well can be bended through using the spring overloaded pop pins.

Gymnastic mini high bar of 6ft folding mat: The width of this mini high bar is 48” along with a diameter of 1 1/2”. It also integrates a folding mat of the 4’ x 6’ x 2’’ in addition to hardwood rails.

The gymnastic mini high bar: The feasible weight limit of this mini high bar is approximately 80lbs, nevertheless can be increased to 120 lbs through the use of the extension legs. The extension leg boosts the entire length of the frame to eight feet, which allows the gymnast to perform skills more comfortably.

These mini high bars are particularly made to be the most adaptive and strongest mini high bar in the market place.

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