Badge Reels: A Nifty Invention

By: Lisa Mason

Badge reels have made quite an impression when it comes to having a convenient and interesting way to display ID cards. They are designed with a case, spring and a retractable cord along with two attachments. One of the attachments is designed to hook on clothing, belts and pockets so the badge is secured to you in some way. The other hook is designed to attach securely onto the ID badge.

Many companies have a scanning system in place where each employee is required to scan their ID card before going inside the building or before entering certain areas. This prevents anyone from entering the company that does not work there. It also prevents any unauthorized personal from entering areas that are restricted so no one can have access to areas they are not supposed to be in. This is a great security system that really works. However, sometimes it can be awkward for employees to scan their ID cards.

Benefits of the Badge Reel

Most scans are located next to the door handle so with most badge holder designs such as the lanyard, clip-on and so forth the employee would have to remove the badge, scan it and then put it back on again. The retractable badge reel is the perfect solution to this problem.

It allows the employee to display his or her badge in a convenient location for security purposes but then when they need to scan it, they simply pull it out scan the card and the retractable reel pulls it back in place. It's fast and easy plus the ID badge is never in the way.

There are many different designs available that range in a variety of sizes from the small simple economy size for lightweight use to the large heavy duty design that is strong enough to hold up under even the roughest conditions. Badge reels have swivel designs and ones that attach to lanyards making it easy to find the perfect style to suit your needs. You will also find chrome and translucent designs that are very stylish. All of the reel designs are durable and built to last.

Custom Made Designs

Badge Reels can be customized anyway you want them. This makes them an excellent way to promote your company. Have these reels designed with your company's logo or name on them and pass them out at company events and trade shows. They make wonderful promotional items because they are unique and fun, which captures and keeps the attention of the one receiving it. That is exactly what promotional items are supposed to do.

This nifty invention makes it possible for you to always have you ID within arms reach at all times. They make using IDs easier and prevents dropping the badge when you have your hands full or when you are just in a hurry. No more fumbling with unhooking your badge to take it off and then having to reattach it again so it won't get lost or misplaced. The bottom line is that the retractable badge reel makes carrying and using an ID card much more convenient and stylish.

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