Bad Deductions You Shouldn't File

By: Greg Holbert

All of my articles have been about deductions and credits have been beneficial ones that will save you money and give you a great return. In the Halloween spirit I have decided to list some deductions people have filed on their taxes that they shouldn't have. Included are reports of arson, drug trafficking, and a few others that should definitely show you that the Internal Revenue Service is serious about what you put down on your taxes, and they are looking.

Hiring a person to burn your failing business down for the insurance money happens more often than you might think. To make it worse the greedy sneak not only collected his insurance money, but he pulled a stunt that most people wouldn't dream of trying. The man tried to deduct the money he hired the arsonist with on his taxes! This not only made him an accessory and a felon, but if he was audited he couldn't even present the hired hand's employment form. Do not try this unless you want to get caught.

Making sure your family has the best air quality possible is a noble effort, however futile it is with all the pollution we fill our atmosphere with every day. A man took this ideal and ran with it, so much so that he listed a deduction as “pure bubble.” The IRS agent who audited and inquired further about the man's efforts to make his home have the purest air possible was laughing so hard at this guy trying to deduct his purified air he waived all penalties, but not enough to put his deduction though, as it was still denied.
Being a drug lord is hard, but you're probably looking into the wrong line of work if you think the tax system of our Government is going to look highly on you claiming your drugs on your taxes. One entrepreneur listed a crop of marijuana as a deductible expense, and his honesty was not the best policy in this situation. His tax dollars were safe, but his cash crop and his property went “up in smoke” for lack of a better term.

It's common knowledge that the wedding industry is enormous, and extravagant. Being a 60 billion dollar industry means it's also very expensive. One cheap father had the brilliant idea to invite a few of his business clients to the wedding, which he attempted to use as leverage to write off his daughter's entire wedding as an entertainment expense for his business! This, to no one's surprise, was flagged by the IRS and he was forced to not only foot the bill for the wedding, but pay some hefty fines as well. Sometimes if you know they will say no, don't try it.

Your animals are special to you. They are even considered family by most. The Internal Revenue Service, however, does not consider your animals dependents. To some who have no children and only animals it may seem unjust, but having them under your care doesn't save you more on your taxes. It may suck you can't deduct that overpriced toy you bought them that they don't even give a second look to, but they're still your friends forever.

You may think a professional doing a procedure on your body for modification purposes may sound like something you can claim on your taxes, tattoos are an elective procedure. This prohibits you from using them as a deduction, and the IRS will not look too kindly on your personal forms of self expression. Yet another reason to think twice before you lay down under the knife or the needle.
In order to prevent these kinds of deductions going on your record, let Online Tax Pros make sure you qualify for everything you can claim, and step in to tell you what you can't claim. We are ready to get the most out of your return so your taxes don't have to be scary this Halloween!

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