Bad Credit Credit Cards - High Fees

By: Art Penz

Generally all the bad credit credit cards that are available today are going to charge some type of annual fee. This annual feel can be something rather low, say around $15 for example, or the annual fee can creep upwards to as much as $200 per year. Before you begin to submit applications for credit cards you want to do a little comparison shopping so you can see which credit cards for consumers with bad credit are going to offer you the best possible annual fee.

If you are in a position where your credit is not in the best standing you may very well be looking into applying for credit cards for people with bad credit. The one thing that many consumers with shaky credit do not take into is that the fees associated with a lot of bad credit credit cards can get pretty outrageous pretty quickly. If you are determined to find a credit card for someone with bad credit there are a few things that you should be on the lookout for during your search.

There are many credit card companies out there that offer cards to consumers with bad credit that often charge a one time processing fee before they issue a credit card. Generally credit card processing fees of this type will range anywhere from $20 to over $125. There are some financial institutions that refrain from charging this type of fee to their customers and normally this type of fee occurs only one time so you do not need to worry about a recurring fee.

If you have a bad credit situation and get a credit card for people with bad credit you are sure to be looking at paying a higher interest rate then normal. Because of this higher interest rate you do not want to end up purchasing more then you can pay off each month with your credit card so you donít end up sticking yourself with outrageous interest fees.

There should be no other fees to pay for a bad credit credit card if you are going through a reputable institution. Do not feel pressure to pay any fees up front either, a quality credit card company will generally charge them to your credit card instead of expecting you to pay them before your credit card is issued.

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