Bachelor Party Planning-Activities

By: Sarah Carlye

It’s the boys, not the girls, so there will be no wedding gowns made with a roll of toilet paper and a box of tissue.

So what do the boys do for bachelor party activities?

Here are few party activity ideas for the guys.


Before the amazing race to the church to get married, have an amazing race party theme for the bachelor. Send teams of two on a scavenger hunt with the final destination the groom’s favorite lounge or nightclub. Be sure there is a designated driver or the drinking doesn’t begin until the final destination is reached. Each team can be given a camera and a list of photos that need to be taken at the locations. The first team to arrive at the final destination will get a prize. The photos can later be put in a photo album with other pictures of the night for the bachelor to remember his amazing party. Other things can be gathered during the race like napkins with the location name on it, lip gloss, a whole lemon, etc. Picture ideas can include a guy drinking a pink drink, a girl in a green skirt, etc. There should be a set time that everyone will meet at the final destination and who ever has the most photos from the list wins. The items on the list can be mild or wild depending on the type of guy the bachelor is. Brainstorm with friends ahead of time for item ideas.


Find drink or shot recipes and print them out on a card stock. The drink recipes should be printed out on index size cards. There should be 5-6 recipes per guest. Through in a few water or soft drink recipes. If there are non-drinkers, have a separate set of virgin drink recipes. For the not drinkers there could be a glass of V-8 or plain grapefruit juice. For each round, a guest will pick a drink card and hand it to the bartender if he or she doesn’t know how to make it. Everyone will drink their drink and repeat the drink card pick each round. Another variation to the game is that there are less cards and the bachelor picks a drink card and everyone drinks the same drink each round.


Sports and outdoor activities can be followed with everyone heading to one house to clean up and then heading to a favorite lounge for a few drinks and funny stories of the groom’s ex’s and bad dates and any other embarrassing stories the guests can come up with.

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