Baby hair care and head shaving

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Downy hair covering at birth

Although some babies are born totally bald, most babies are born with a soft, downy head of hair that is frequently light in color. The down is very soft, almost like what you see on baby ducks. This newborn fuzz will usually only lasts for the first three or four months after birth. Because babies go through the first year of their life with little or no hair, they obviously do not require much hair care. Yes it is true that sometimes babies are born with no hair at all. This is not all that uncommon so if your baby has no hair, don't panic.

The myth of baby head shaving

A common myth is that is you shave your baby's head to remove the down that the baby's hair will grow in a lot thicker or even a different texture. This is a myth with absolutely no scientific proof. The reason that this all started was because when people do get their hair cut it just seems to be thicker. In reality, it is not. It just appears that way. This has been a pervading myth for a long time, and has been debunked over and over.

Baby hair care: Slow, easy and gentle
The care of baby hair is relatively simple. Depending on how much hair they have, babies may only require shampooing or an irregular basis. Shampooing can be done on an "as needed" basis, and does not have to be done every day.

Avoid unnecessary tangling

The care of baby hair is relatively simple. Babies generally only require a regular shampooing. This can be done on an "as needed basis" and does not have to be done every day. Make sure that the hair is kept neatly trimmed to keep it out of the baby's or young child's eyes and ears and to prevent any unnecessary tangling. You can either trim the baby's hair at home yourself or have a professional trim it. Most people opt to trim a baby's hair themselves the first year or so.

Pros and cons of baby shampoos
A lot of baby doctors recommend the use of a special baby shampoo during the first years of an infant's life. Baby shampoos generally don't contain the sulfates that are used in most adult hair care products.

One relatively unknown danger from traditional baby shampoo is the pH balance. While baby shampoos formulated specifically for babies are less prone to stinging if they get into the eyes, when they contain a high pH (which many do), they may cause unnecessary tangling of the baby's hair. Hair Care Products | Hair Color Products

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