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In 10th month babies need additional food other than breast milk. These may be supplemented with breast milk. Many kinds of 10 months baby food are available in the market and they can be purchased on online. These can be malts prepared from the sprouted cereals and it is most recommended food for babies who are in their development stage. Apart from malt, mashed vegetables which are precooked and mashed fruits which are suitable for the consumption of babies are highly recommended.


Barbie pictures are available on online shopping malls. Since this company has released many types of Barbie dolls which has become very popular among children now they have released picture of Barbie dolls which is as attractive as Barbie dolls. All these are available in all leading stores who deal with baby dolls and on all leading online shopping malls where these Barbie dolls are available.


Parenting tips for teenagers is not easy task. This needs little bit expertness. Problems faced by teenage parents are quite diverse. One should not look over the problem, but all the problem should be done with root causes. When one has an in-depth knowledge about these problems, salvation can be thought off. First and foremost needed thing is that parents should not scold and they should not lay any barriers for their teenage children. Discussing with their children with an open mind often solves many problems. One of the important PARENTING TIPS to the parents is that they should know this is the time the hormones get changes and their children are at the threshold of getting adults. This teenage is an age where children stand in the middle stage of developing into adults. The changes are themselves very confusing and they need a sympathetic view to understand their youth children. Often simply watching them not interfering with their behaviors and guiding them when they feel necessary, solves many of the problems of teenagers.


As soon as a baby is born there will be so many things that are needed to look after baby. The first and foremost thing is baby’s clothes. These should be very soft and preferably made out cotton and it is better if can be of reusable type. All newborn essentials can be purchased on online shopping malls. There are number of shopping malls exclusively there to cater all the new born baby essentials.


Diaper for baby is available from various companies and their brand names are popular among those people who have small kids. These are available on online shopping malls, parents can order on online and they can get it at their door steps.

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