Baby Walker or a Saucers

By: Joe Golz

Babies from 5 to 15 months are known to use a baby walker. With more than 3 million of sale each year, it is absolutely a must have for every parent to guide their babies as they learn how to walk the right way . Babies really love them and parents like them because their kids can get entertained ,
thus fussiness can be kept at bay even for just a short time. As good as it may sound, a baby walker is one of the most dangerous inventions specially made for your sweet baby. In view of this, baby walkers had been under attack by most child care specialists and pediatrician , since given the fact that it allows the baby to become mobile, the chance for injury is also heightened.

Here are some safety precautions before using baby walker in order to prevent more heartache each year:

1. Be sure that the gate or the door is close.
2. Do not leave your child unattended in the Baby walker ; always keep them within your reach.
3. Do not allow him use the Baby walker near hot oven or hot surfaces.
4. Be sure that there are no dangling electrical cords near your baby.
5. Keep away the Baby walker from swimming pools, toilets, and from things that are used to contain water.
6. Get a Baby walker which is sturdy enough to go with your baby's rising weight.
7. Make sure that the height is just enough not to leave your baby tiptoeing or too low that he is already walking on his knee.
8. Choose the kinds that contain a wheel which is longer and bigger than the frame as to guarantee stability.
9. Be sure that the coil springs as well as the hinges of the Baby walker contains the needed protective coverings.
10. Allow your kid to stroll only around smooth surfaces. Get rid of all the rugs and small stones that may meddle with the Baby walker performance.
11. Never carry the Baby walker when your baby in it.

With the danger, there are of course alternative for a walker to ensure your baby safety. There is what they call as the not movable Baby walker otherwise known as the saucers , that provides ample amount of entertainment. This thing is able to rock back and forth although they do not have any wheels. This thing also contains a swivel seats so the baby will be given the possibility to turn herself entirely around. There are types that contain several toys mounted on the circular tray thus the baby can spin around beginning from one toy to the other, while at the same time still staying in a fixed site.

So do you still want a baby walker? You can still go for them but try keep away from getting used ones , as a lot of them would no longer pass the safety regulations . They would impose a great risk of harm on your child. However, if you can get a saucer then make sure to get the one which is able to rock back and forth.

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