Baby Shower Game Possiblities And Ideas

By: Dana Hall

Games are a party of every baby shower. For some reason, whenever there is a baby shower, people expect to play games. Here are some fun baby shower game ideas that your guests are sure to enjoy.

Other than these baby shower games you can have games where both the mother and the father get to have fun. One such baby shower game that you guests might have fun with is where the couples (this is a baby shower where both the husband and wife are invited) get to make a baby. For this type of baby shower game you will need to supply lots of Play-Doh for the fun loving couples to make their baby.

Just A Suggestion

There is an endless amount of interesting baby shower game ideas that you can try out before you actually include them in your party. You could also just improvise various fun baby shower games like the fastest diaper cake contest. With these types of baby shower game ideas all that you need to do is to take the known baby shower games and give them a new twist.

A really spectacular new and fun decoration is personalized baby shower confetti and would work great for a baby shower decoration. Have personalized confetti made using a picture of the mom-to-be and other fun baby shower images and/or words. You can toss some of this great customized baby shower confetti in the invitations and Mom can sprinkle a few pieces in her thank you cards - Very fun and cute.

Now, the games that are played at a baby shower are meant to be fun and good-natured, and most women understand that. But to be safe ask the expectant mother for her approval of the games that you choose. Therefore when choosing a game, consider its value and you will find that more traditional games are still a great way to entertain your guests. Some of the games you can try are the mommy purse game. Everyone is told to check their purse and if they have baby items, they win prizes. Kids love these kinds of games and they get to go home with a reward.

Let's Take Turns

Choose two baby shower ideas participants to hold a long cord outstretched. The cord should already be set up with numerous clothes pins attached, thus resembling a clothesline. Each baby shower ideas participant uses ONE hand to remove as many clothespins off the line as possible. The catch is that she cannot transfer any pins to her other hand. She must use the same hand to hold and grab. As soon as she drops one, she's out of this baby shower game.

Kids love this kind of games and they get to go home with a reward. Games like the baby shower musical race will have your guests frustrated and happy. They drink juices from baby bottles once the music starts. It is a great game to consider for your guests. The potato game is a challenging game to try. Have some potatoes in a jar and then put it at a corner, then have your guests try to fill the jar with potatoes using their knees.

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