Baby Names Can Imply A Lot About The Baby

By: Dr. John Chan

In Chinese metaphysical system, a well chosen baby name is so important that parents have to go to the experts - or gifted metaphysicans - and pay big bucks just to have them choose a powerful and auspicious baby name for their new born. It's commonly believed and accepted that a well chosen baby name is the best gift parents can present to their baby. With the right baby name, the new life journey will set off at the most positive and harmonious manner, which is what parents will demand for their offsprings.

Choosing an auspicious baby name has become so important in the Chinese culture that a baby name has to be carefully analysed and designed with detailed consideration given to the baby's natal chart. That would mean, in a western way of saying, that a baby name is to be designed in accordance with the baby's astrological chart analysis. It's that important. And there is no fooling around it because once determined, the baby name will stay with the person for life. It's therefore a very serious matter - of course if you deem it important to begin with.

Just project into the future with the baby name you want in your mind. You sure don't want your baby to have name that is always made fun of by friends, right? Research carefully about the meaning of the baby name you are contemplating for your baby. Don't consider anything funny as a prospective baby name just because you heard it from a TV show and you find it entertaining. Just plainly saying yes to your gut feeling, visualize how people will react upon hearing the baby name you have in mind. Trying to be trendy by choosing a baby name that is modelled after a certain celebrity's or simply not taking it seriously enough in giving your precious one his or her baby name are huge no-nos!

Since people perceive others by context, how their first name, initials, and last name combine together can mean very differently too sometimes. Regardless how good each part is supposed to mean, when taken in full context, baby names are better to avoid funny and silly sounding combination or else your children will thank you very much in a desperate and not too well meaning way in the future.

Name carries vibrations. If a baby name is to be chosen according to some family tradition in honor of a certain ancestor whose name carries some fond memories or whatsoever, then it'd be better to check out the family tree thoroughly because having the same names with another relative is not fun at all; besides, since names carry energy, a certain characteristic is bound to be influencing the personality for whom the baby name is chosen.

Don't go too much to the extreme either way. Too much creativity used when thinking of a baby name can backfire. Examples are extremely unique spellings. It will be way too hard for the kid to keep on spelling his or her name to people who only know the common spelling of such name. Making it too difficult might just make the kids feel bad about their names which is not fun at all.

Share the honorable task of designing the best baby name with your partner. It'd serve to enhance better communication and bondage for the couple as well, not to mention the fact that two minds working together will bring forth better result. The baby is the result of joined resources between the two of you; so should the task of finding the best baby name for your baby.

Just stay focused and steer clear of all the family members and relatives who fight their ways to present you with their versions of the best baby names. Be yourself and pay attention to all the key points presented herewith - you should be able to get the job done with flying colors. At last, you've managed to manifest the perfect baby name for your new born!

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