Baby Gifts - what makes perfect Newborn Gifts?

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“Baby gifts can be brilliant gifts to go shopping for!”

If you love anything cute, then you’ll love the massive range of cute baby gifts that are available. Indeed, it might be all to easy to get carried away and end up spending waaaaaay too much on perfect baby gifts.

Of course, for others, choosing baby gifts can be less enjoyable and perhaps even stressful. How do you know what the baby will need, or what the parents will most appreciate?

The first thing to remember about a lot of newborn gifts is that they tend to pretty specific to the gender of the baby, so it might be worth waiting until the baby is born. Of course there are plenty of baby gifts that come in neutral shades (i.e. not baby pink or baby blue).

Having a baby is a pretty expensive undertaking for a number of reasons (all the new baby equipment like prams, baby changing bags, etc., not to mention the likelihood that “mum” is about to swap a decent salary for statutory maternity pay). With this in mind you and other friends who are in the market for newborn gifts for the same “newborn”, might wish to join together to buy something more expensive and potentially more practical as a baby gift.

Of course if you do this, it is vital that you don’t assume that you know what the parents need. It is much better to ask them if there is something they might want, rather than turning up with something that will end up in the eBay baby gifts section.

Equally, baby equipment like cots, car seats and pushchairs are things that prospective parents will spend a lot of time deliberating over, so they can be sure they’re choosing the safest version or the longest lasting or even the “one that goes with the wallpaper” version.

On the other hand, less “big ticket” and more practical gifts like bibs and blankets are always needed, and can be bought parents-unaware ;)

If your idea of great newborn gifts can be found somewhere in the extremely tiny little clothes department, then a big consideration is the astonishing speed with which newborn babies grow out of clothes. So although those cute little outfits for ages 0 - 3 months can look totally irresistible, remember that they won’t last for long and your baby gift might end up being handed-down before you’ve even received the thank you card!

Top tips for buy baby clothes as baby gifts are to either go 3-6 months+ (as the new parents will be less likely to have bought ahead) or if the baby is born premature, go “extra small” as again pre-purchases made by the parents might not be suitable for those first few weeks or even months.

Of course, if you really want to buy something that will last forever, forget clothing altogether and choose a sterling silver baby gift or any type of “memento baby gift” which can be used now and also kept as a keepsake for later.

Finally, it might be worth hunting around to find personalised baby gifts, whether they be practical items like blankets with the baby’s name embroidered on one corner or things like photo albums or engraved photo frames that make truly unique newborn gifts when personalised.

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